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Record Voice Memos on iPhone or iPad

How to Quickly Create Voice Memos on the iPhone and iPad

Posted by Aimee , May 20, 2020

The Voice Memos application can help users capture important content and save it as an audio file. The built-in voice memo app (Apple Voice Memos) on iOS devices can be used to record voice memos about school lectures, important conversations, project interviews, and other content. If you cannot quickly enable Apple Voice Memos at certain important moments, you cannot record complete voice memos. According to the information searched in google, we found that there is a convenient way to open the voice memo tool.

Apple Voice Memos

To quickly use Apple Voice Memos to create voice memos on your iPhone or iPad, you can add them to the Control Center. There are some common tasks in the Control Center so that they can be quickly activated. Therefore, adding voice memos to the Control Center can achieve the purpose of rapid activation.
1. Click the "Settings" app on the device, then find and click the "Control Center" in the drop-down list.
2. Tap the "Customize Controls" item. Then click "Voice Memos" to add it to the custom control. At this point, the voice memo icon will be added to the Control Center.

Voice Memos

3. Slide the screen to start the Control Center.
-Devices running iOS 11 or earlier swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
-Devices running iOS 12 and later swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen.

Control Center

4. Find the wavy icon of "Voice Memos", click and enable it.
5. After enabling, click the red round button to start recording a voice memo.
6. Click the red square button on the iPhone to stop recording. The iPad needs to tap the "Done" button on the right to complete the recording.

Complete The Recording

7. Give the newly recorded voice memo a label to complete the voice memo recording.
When you need to quickly record voice memos, you can start Apple Voice Memos directly in the "Control Center". If you lose your voice memos, you can quickly restore them through professional recovery tools without backup. This powerful software can restore text messages, pictures, videos, notes, etc.

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Record Voice Memos on iPhone or iPad

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