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Recover a Deleted Apple Music Playlist

How to Get Back Lost Playlists on Apple Music

Posted by Aimee , Dec 19, 2021

"I have created a frequently used playlist on Apple Music on the iPhone. Once I buy a song, I will add it to this playlist. The iMac at home will display most of the updates on Apple Music in iTunes. 
For unknown reasons, the main playlist with hundreds of songs does not appear in the iMac. I can't access them quickly if they can't be displayed. Now, who can provide me with a way to recover my missing playlist?"
Add songs to the library, you can easily access these tunes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or iMac. The disappearance of Apple Music playlists is a sign of trouble. Don't worry too much. We can help you find your lost playlists. You only need to read this user guide.

Change the settings of iCloud Music Library to get back lost playlists

When using iCloud Music Library to sync songs, some tunes will be automatically replaced with other versions. Therefore, you can follow the steps below.
1. Find "Settings" on iDevice, drop down to locate "Music".
2. Enable "Apple Music" and "iCloud Music Library" in the "Music" section. If it is already enabled, then you need to turn this feature off and then on again.
3. When you see the "Enable iCloud Music Library" pop-up window, you need to click "Merge".
4. Return to Apple Music to see if the lost playlist is restored.

Settings of iCloud Music Library

Updated iCloud Music Library to retrieve playlists

To refresh the iCloud music library through iTunes, you can do so.
1. Run iTunes and click "File".
2. Go to the "Library" item.
3. In this step, you need to tap "Update iCloud Music Library". The entire library on the iOS device will be updated to the latest.

Updated iCloud Music Library

You can restore deleted or lost playlists through the above two methods. If you want to recover lost text messages, contacts, call history, and other types of files on your iOS device, then you need to browse other professional skills in RecoveryTool.

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Recover a Deleted Apple Music Playlist

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