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Scan Photos on the iPhone

How to Scan Pictures on the iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Aug 06, 2021

"Old photos carry everyone's memories and the past. But time will fade the photos. Children in the family may also destroy these family photo collections because of naughty. It is the best way to scan and save these photos. How to scan photos without an old-fashioned scanner?"
Old-fashioned scanners are the best choice for many people to scan pictures. However, old-fashioned scanners are inconvenient to carry. Therefore, there is not a scanner that can be used in any scene. The advancement of science and technology has brought convenience to our lives. Now the iPhone photo scanning function can help you. In this way, you only need a mobile phone and good light.

Scan pictures through the Notes app

The Camera application can take old photos. However, it is better to use the Notes app for scanning operations.
1. Tap Notes on the iPhone.


2. Tap the icon to create a new note in the lower right corner of the screen.

Create A New Note

3. Click on the body of the note to bring up an options menu. Then, select the camera icon.
4. Click "Scan Documents".
5. Place your photo in the camera's field of view. Then you will need to click the shutter button to scan the photo.

Place Your Photo

6. Drag the corners to adjust as needed.
7. Click "Keep Scan", and then click "Done" to complete the scan of the old photos.
If you lose your old photos, all data recovery services will be powerless. However, all digitized documents can be found in RecoveryTool for corresponding recovery techniques. This way you can quickly restore images, contacts, text messages, notes, etc.

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Scan Photos on the iPhone

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