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How to Use and Add Siri Shortcuts

Posted by Aimee , Jul 15, 2020

"Before upgrading iOS, I can see options that suggest using Siri shortcuts. Now I cannot add shortcuts to Siri on iOS 13 because the option to add shortcuts is not available. What happened? How can I add Siri shortcut?"
Siri Shortcuts can help you complete some tasks quickly. It will suggest shortcuts when you need them. These suggestions are based on routines learned by Siri. This means that mobile phones can predict some things that people will do. This is an exciting feature. If you have not enabled this feature, then you can refer to the method in the article to add or edit Siri shortcuts.


Ways to use and add Siri shortcuts

After setting up Siri, you can start using Siri shortcuts.
- You can find it directly on the device lock screen.
Another way to use Siri Suggestion.
- Enable "Search" on the iOS device, then you can see "Siri Suggestion".


If you have not added a Siri shortcut, you can add a Siri shortcut on the app.
- After running the selected application, find and click "Add to Siri".
- You will need to press the red round button and then record your personal phrase that enables this application. Finally, click "Done".
If you add a small amount of Siri shortcuts, you can quickly create the corresponding Siri shortcuts through the above method. If you need to add more applications, then you can try another method.
- Find "Settings" on the Home screen and go to the "Siri & Search" item.
- You will see "All Shortcuts" on the interface, click on it. Other applications will be listed.

All Shortcuts

- Find the application you use frequently, and then tap the "+" on the right.
-Then press the red round button to record a personal phrase for the application. Then click "Done" to confirm.

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Siri Shortcuts

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