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Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 2

How to Fix iTunes Error 2

Posted by Aimee , Jan 18, 2021

"When running iTunes, I got iTunes error 2. I tried to update iTunes but failed. I urgently need to restore the backup file on iTunes to the iPad. How can I overcome iTunes error 2?"
It is possible that an error message will pop up when installing or updating iTunes. If you urgently need to use the restore, backup, and other functions on iTunes, then this is not good news. Some Windows users have reported issues related to iTunes error 2. In this article, we will provide solutions to fix iTunes error 2.

iTunes Error 2

Log in to the computer as an administrator on Windows

If you are not logged in to the Windows computer as an administrator, you will not be able to access all the files on the computer, install software, change settings, and perform other operations that rely on this authority. You can check whether you are logged into Windows as an administrator according to the following steps:
1. After logging in to the computer, click the "Start" button.
2. Go to "User Accounts" from "Control Panel". Then click "Manage User Accounts".
3. Enter the administrator account password. If you are not logged in to the desktop or laptop as an administrator account, you cannot log in to the administrator account in this step. This can determine whether you are using an administrator account.

Turn off security software temporarily

In some cases, security software can prevent communication between Tunes and Apple servers. To resolve the conflict between the security software and iTunes, it is necessary to turn off or disable them.

Reinstall after iTunes uninstall

This iTunes error may be caused by software damage. Therefore, reinstalling iTunes may fix the problem.
1. After going to "Control Panel", find iTunes and uninstall it.
2. Download the latest version of iTunes from Apple's official website and reinstall it on your computer.

Update Microsoft Windows to the latest version

If you have upgraded iTunes to the latest version, then you need to check the Windows version. An older version of Microsoft Windows may cause errors when iTunes runs.
1. Tap the "Start" menu to go to "Settings".
2. Click "Update & Security Settings", then click "Windows Update".
3. After tapping the "Check for Windows Update" item, Windows will update automatically.

Update Microsoft Windows

Other possible solutions

1. Restarting the computer may remove the fault.
2. Slow iTunes response can also cause error code 2, so it is worth trying to clean up the system junk.

Alternatives to iTunes

Many Apple users use iTunes to backup, restore, or repair iOS devices. These functions of iTunes are replaceable. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is one of the better alternatives. The program has the following outstanding features:
1. The "iOS System Recovery" function can fix various iOS system problems without losing data.
2. "iPhone Data Recovery" tool can preview or restore data from iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and iCloud.
3. "iOS Data Backup & Restore" can back up and restore files on iOS devices with one click.
4. "WhatsApp Transfer for iOS" transfers WhatsApp data between different devices.

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

If the software can meet your needs, then there is no need to toss to solve the unknown iTunes error 2.

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Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 2

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