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Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Posted by Aimee , Apr 20, 2017

iPhone contacts have always been the most important data for mobile users. To prevent them from losing, I've kept the habit of making backup them to my iTunes every week. But one thing totally changed my mind. That is, My iPhone 5s was stolen the other day so I had to go for another phone. It was that time I realized that iTunes backup is not 100% safe and convenient. Honestly speaking, compared to make an iTunes backup, copying contacts to computer is much better.
Here in this post, we will introduce two methods to solve this transfer issue. Please refer to the following tutorials to transfer your iPhone contacts to PC.

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Part 1: How to Copy iPhone Contacts to PC with iTunes

As we all know, unlike other smartphones, iPhone doesn't allow users to backup contacts to the SIM card. So if you get a new handset, normally you need to copy your former iPhone contacts to your PC and then import them to the new device. The following will show how to copy your contacts to PC, just read on!
Select Setting from your Home screen > Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar then press Import SIM contacts > Connect your iPhone to PC > Open iTunes, press iPhone icon on the left side of the iTunes window > Click box next to "Sync Address Book and Contacts" > Press "Sync". After these steps, all your iPhone contacts will be copied to your PC.

Part 2: How to Copy iPhone Contacts to PC without iTunes

In this solution, we need to ask RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery for help. It is a professional tool which allows you to backup your data and export the data you want to your device or PC.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC

To begin with, download and install RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery. Then run it and get your iPhone connected to your PC. Choose "Data Backup & Restore", and later you'll get a main interface as the picture shows.

Transfer Contacts

Step 2: Select File Type to Backup First

Once RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery detects your device, it will scan all the file type on your iPhone. Now you just need to choose "Contacts", and then tap on "Backup".

Backup Contacts

Step 3: Start to Copy iPhone Contacts to PC

It will take few minutes for the backup to be completed. When it's OK, choose "Contacts" and view all your iPhone contacts, you can selectively choose the ones you want to copy, then tap on "Export to PC". Yes, just one click, all of your iPhone contacts has been transferred to your PC.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Both the above-mentioned methods are available. However, I still have to say, RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is the best tool I have ever used. That's why I insist to recommend it to you all. So why not have a try right now?

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Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC

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