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Troubleshooting iPhone Yellow Tint

How to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen Tint

Posted by Aimee , Oct 24, 2021

"I have two iPhones at the same time, namely iPhone11 and iPhone 13 Pro. Recently I noticed that the screen of the iPhone11 is yellowish. The white is not like the white we usually see. Can I fix it through a software update?"
Does the screen on the iOS device have a yellow tint or color cast? Many users on Reddit and Apple support forums reported that the iPhone's yellow tint was faulty. In most cases, the iPhone screen sometimes displays a bit yellowish. In extreme cases, the screen keeps a yellow tint. The good news is that some cases can be solved in this article.

Check the Night Shift or True Tone setting

Night Shift is a blue light filter function provided on Apple devices. And True Tone enables iOS devices to adjust the color and brightness of the screen according to the environment. These are likely to make the iPhone screen a yellow screen tone. You can turn off these features like this.
Turn off Night Shift
1. Open "Settings" on the iPhone.
2. Find the "Display & Brightness" item.
3. Then switch "Night Shift" to the off state.
Adjust True Tone settings
1. Navigate to "Settings" on the iPhone.
2. Go to "Display & Brightness".
3. Turn off the "True Tone" function.

Night Shift

Change Colour Tint settings

1. Click "Settings" and then go to "General".
2. Navigate to "Accessibility".
3. Find "Display & Text Size" and click "Colour Filters".
4. Switch the "Colour Filters" function to on.
5. Then click "Color Tint".
6. Slide the hue bar until the yellow hue becomes less.

Colour Tint Settings

Adjust White Point

1. Navigate to the "Settings" app on the iPhone. Then tap "General".
2. From "Accessibility" to "Choose Display Accommodations".
3. Open "Reduce White Point" and adjust it by dragging.

Repair iOS system

There is a certain probability that iOS system file damage or software failure will cause a yellow tint on the screen. Therefore, this fix is worth a try. And RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is an application specially developed for this purpose. You can also use it to fix some iOS failures, such as Facebook notifications not working, Apple Music keeps pausing, and blue screen errors. Let us experience this simple and quick technique.
1. Download the repair program from RecoveryTool. Run the software and click on the "iOS System Recovery" function. Then connect the iPhone to the computer.
2. Follow the instructions on the software interface until you see the device detection interface. Then select the iOS version to download.
3. The firmware download takes a certain amount of time. Once the repair is successful, the computer screen will pop up the repair successful prompt.

Repair iOS System

Contact Apple

If none of these methods can correct the yellow tint of the iPhone screen, then contacting Apple will be your last choice. Only in this way can the iPhone screen problem be solved.

Contact Apple

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Troubleshooting iPhone Yellow Tint

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