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Turn Off Find My iPhone

How to Turn Off the Function of Find My iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Apr 18, 2017

The "Find my iPhone" feature is one of the special features that result in iPhones' popularity. It is powerful that it can locate your iPhone, especially when you lost your iPhone. This feature is always turned on for users' convenience. However, there are also situations that we need to turn off "Find my iPhone". For example, if you want to give the iPhone to your friend or if you have forgotten the password on your iPhone and you need to turn off the feature to remove iPhone. So the following problem we need to solve is that how to switch off the "Find my iPhone" feature. And this article will tell.

Part1. Common way to turn off "Find my iPhone" with your device

Here is a simple way for you to turn off the "Find my iPhone" feature on your iPhone. Just turn on your device, click "Setting" > "iCloud" > "Find my iPhone", just click the button beside the "Find my iPhone". Then there will be no connection between your now device and the useless one.

Remove Find My iPhone

Part 2. Best way to remove "Find my iPhone"

In many cases, it is difficult to turn off the "Find my iPhone". So here we need another way to remove the device. Here are several steps for you to reference.

Guide: How to remove "Find my iPhone"

Step 1. Turn off the device you need to remove

Step 2. Remove "Find my iPhone" on iCloud.com

Go to the iCloud.com on your device and find "Find my iPhone" feature there. There is a situation that you can't see it there, that may be because your account just has accessed to iCloud web-only features. To find it again, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.

Step 3. Remove "Find my iPhone" on iCloud.com

Turn Find My iPhone Off

In this step, click all devices, and the select the offline device. Then you will see the "Find my iPhone" again. Finally, just click "Recover from Account".
Okay, the passage had told you two methods to turn off "Find my iPhone", they are both convenient and easy to operate. For detail information or more simply ways to deal with an iPhone problems, browse our web for more.

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Turn Off Find My iPhone

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