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Unresponsive iPod Touch

How To Fix An Unresponsive iPod Touch

Posted by Aimee , Dec 22, 2021

"My iPod Touch fell off the table and it became unresponsive. When I tried to repair this iOS device, I accidentally broke the screen. Misfortunes never come alone. Now, I am very worried. This is my first Apple product. Please help me!"
If the iPod Touch is hit, the device may be damaged. The screen does not respond to touch and freezes are some of the manifestations. Physical damage can only request Apple to replace or repair the iOS device. In addition to this situation, iOS file corruption or app bugs can also cause the touch screen to become completely unresponsive. You can troubleshoot by yourself after reading this article.

1. Clean iDevice screen

Dust or foreign objects on the iOS device can cause the screen to be unresponsive or not working. Check whether there is any dirt on the screen, and then use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to wipe the screen of the device. When you remove the foreign objects stuck on the screen, you can test whether the screen can work again.

Clean iDevice Screen

2. Force restart iPod Touch

If your iPod doesn't respond and looks like it's dead, then you can perform a forced restart.
Press the Top button and Volume button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

Force restart iPod Touch

3. Charge iPod Touch

A low battery can also make the device unresponsive. This is not surprising.
- Charge iPod via USB cable.
- When the device status indicator turns orange, you can touch the screen to see if there is a response.

4. Remove the protective case and screen protector for an unresponsive iPod Touch

This is a very extreme case. Inappropriate protective shells and damaged screen protectors will reduce the response rate of the screen. The problem may be solved after removing them.

5. Use RecoveryTool Fix Recovery to repair iOS firmware

This is the final troubleshooting method. We cannot judge from the appearance whether the iOS firmware is missing or damaged, so RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is a good auxiliary method. It will repair the iPod Touch directly. If the fault is corrected, it can be diagnosed as an iOS firmware error.

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

You have troubleshooted the iPod, and none of the above methods will work. Contacting the Apple Store for repairs would be a wise choice.

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Unresponsive iPod Touch

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