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How to Reset iPod Password When You Forgot

Posted by Aimee , Jul 26, 2021

"After buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, I have never used an iPod Touch again. Recently I planned to give it to my brother, but I forgot the lock screen passcode. I have spent a lot of time unlocking this iOS device. Apple Support cannot help solve this problem. Is there any other solution?"
If you do not remember the iPod passcode, you will not be able to access the device. Generally speaking, resetting or restoring the password can solve the problem. We will list the effective unlocking methods for forgetting the password here.

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The easiest unlock prompt

Apple's official website provides a method to unlock iPod using iTunes, but this process is complicated. If you need a more convenient way to unlock iOS devices, then RecoveryTool iPhone Unlock will be what you need, which supports unlocking iDevice without passcode.
1. Download this unlock tool from RecoveryTool.
2. Install this iOS unlocking program on the computer and start it.
3. Click the "Wipe Password" function on the software interface, and then connect the iPod to the computer via a USB cable.

Wipe Password

4. Tap the "Start" button. Later, you will need to confirm your device information.


5. After tapping the "Start" button again, the program will download the necessary firmware package for your iPod. Then click the "Unlock" button.
6. Enter "0000", and then click the "Unlock" button. After a certain period of time, the password on the iPod will be deleted.


Recover iPod without password via iTunes

1. Connect the iPod to your usual computer.
2. Open iTunes on the computer and click the iPod icon.
3. Go to "Summary" and click "Restore iPod...".
4. Then tap the "Restore" option to let iTunes restore your iPod.

Recover iPod without password

Restore iPod to factory settings without iTunes

If you have set up the "Find My iPhone" function of iCloud, then you can also try the following methods.
1. Visit the official website of iCloud on a browser from any device.
2. After entering your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account, go to the "Find My iPhone" section.
3. Find the locked iOS device from "All Devices".
4. Click "Erase iPod" to reset iPod.

Restore iPod to factory settings

The device is not locked. But the iOS device is in an abnormal state, then you need the "repair" function

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Forgot iPod Passcode

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