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Remove Apple ID from iPhone

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Nov 03, 2020

"Is it possible to delete the Apple ID from the iPhone in order to add another Apple ID? This phone was given to me by my friend. Has anyone found a solution for this?"
You need to remove someone else's Apple ID from the iPhone. This is usually because other people have used Apple ID to log in to your phone or you have purchased a used iPhone. They may have logged in the Apple ID on other devices, but forgot to log it out on your iOS device. This can cause some problems or risks. The more important point is that you will not be able to use your iPhone normally. For example, you will not be able to back up photos to your iCloud account. Now, let us learn how to get rid of someone's Apple ID.

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Part 1: The most convenient tool to remove Apple ID

When the used iPhone you bought is locked by someone's iCloud, then things become very complicated. If you can contact the seller, let him unlock it. The same goes for removing Apple ID. If you can't get help from this Apple ID user, then RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker will be your best option.
1. Download and install this unlocking tool on your computer.
2. Run the unlocking program and then connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
3. Select the "Remove Apple ID" mode, and then tap the "Start" button.

Remove Apple ID

4. If "Find My iPhone" is not enabled, the software can directly remove Apple ID and iCloud account. Otherwise, you will need to perform the following operations:
- Tap "Settings".
- Go to "Reset" from "General" and select "Reset All Settings".

Remove Apple ID

Remove Apple ID

5. After this process is over, your iPhone will be able to get rid of someone's Apple ID.
Removal of this Apple ID by other methods causes data loss, then restoring the data on the iPhone will be the next thing you need to do.

Part 2: Remove Apple ID from iPhone

To get rid of other people's Apple ID, you can use these three methods. The important point is to back up all iPhone data.
1. Remove Apple ID via iCloud.com.
Contacting Apple ID users to delete your iPhone from icloud.com is a convenient solution.
- Ask the person for help. Then tell this person to perform these actions.
- Visit iCloud.com through a browser. Then enter the Apple ID and passcode as required.
- After the account is logged in, click "Find iPhone". Then click the "All Devices" item.
- Find this iPhone among the listed devices. Tap it and select "Erase iPhone".
- The Apple ID and other content on the iPhone will be erased immediately.


2. Delete Apple ID directly on iPhone.
- Go to "Settings" on the Home screen.
- Tap "General", and then tap "Reset".
- After finding and clicking the "Reset" item, tap "Erase All Content and Settings".
- Click "Erase Now" and enter the Apple ID passcode.
- When all the contents on the iPhone are erased, your iPhone will be like a new device.
Note: You need to obtain the password of this Apple ID to use this method.
3. Clear Apple ID in the App Store.
If your App Store is linked to the previous owner's Apple ID, you need to log out.
- Go to "iTunes & App Store" from "Settings" on iPhone.
- Click on Apple ID.
- Tap "Sign Out".
- After clicking "Sign In", enter Apple ID and Password. Finally click "Done".

App Store

Tip: You can manage the applications that have been installed on the iPhone, but you cannot update them. 

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Remove Apple ID from iPhone

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