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How to Reset iPhone Passcode When You Forget It

Posted by Aimee , Feb 11, 2021

"Yesterday the iPhone asked me to change the password to 6 digits. Unfortunately, I forgot the password the next day. I can't access the phone now. There are important data on the phone, but I haven't backed it up. Therefore, I cannot reset the passcode. Are there other better solutions?"
Setting a password for iPhone can protect people's privacy and the safety of bank accounts. If you forget the iPhone passcode, it will bring disaster. Pictures, text messages, videos, contacts, and others will be lost without a backup. In response to this unexpected situation, this article provides some practical solutions to remove iPhone passwords. 

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Reset iPhone password through recovery mode

To clear the iPhone password, wiping the device is the most common method. If you have not backed up all the data on your iPhone, you will lose important files for this.
1. Put iPhone in recovery mode.
2. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Then connect the iPhone to the desktop or laptop via a USB cable.
3. After running iTunes, force restarts the iPhone.
4. Select "Restore" or "Update" in the pop-up window on iTunes. At this point you need to select "Restore".
5. Then iTunes will download the software for your iDevice. Once the download is completed, you can reset and use your iPhone. 

Recovery Mode

Remove iPhone passcode via iCloud

For the iPhone that has enabled "Find My iPhone", then you will be able to clear the iPhone password through it.
1. Visit icloud.com/find in your browser and log in to your Apple ID.
2. Tap "Find My iPhone". Then click on the "All Devices" item at the top.
3. Select iPhone among all the devices listed.
4. Click the "Erase iPhone" item to erase all content on your iPhone.
5. After completing this operation, your iPhone will be restored as new.
Tip: This method will erase all settings and data on the device. 


Tips to quickly reset iPhone password

RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker is a professional unlocking tool. With its unlocking function, you will be able to quickly complete the unlocking operation.
1. Download the unlocking software on RecoveryTool. Afterward, install and run it.
2. Connect the iPhone to the computer and select "Wipe Passcode".

Wipe Passcode

3. Tap the "Start" button. After confirming your device information, click the "Start" button again.


4. The program will download the firmware package for your iPhone. Then click the "Unlock" button.
5. Enter "0000" to complete the unlocking.
6. After removing the iPhone passcode, you can reset the new password on your iPhone. 


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Reset iPhone Passcode

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