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Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

How to Fix Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

Posted by Aimee , Jun 22, 2021

"My neighbor sold his iPhone to me. He moved soon after. Now the phone is disabled and I can't contact him. How can I unlock the iOS device? Windows cannot recognize my device, so the phone cannot be restored to factory settings. Is there a way to restore iPhone without using iTunes? Thank you! "
There are many reasons why the iPhone is disabled. How can I unlock a disabled iPhone? The iOS device can be restored through recovery mode. When iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, unknown errors occur, device buttons are broken, and other problems, you cannot use recovery mode. At this time, some of iTunes alternative methods are needed to solve the problem. If you don't want to rely on iTunes, you can find some fixes for disabling iPhones without iTunes in this article.

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Unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes

iTunes is the main choice for many people to unlock a disabled iPhone. In addition to iTunes, iCloud is another option for you to repair a disabled iPhone, which can delete all content on the iOS device. This way you can regain access to the iPhone.
1. If your iPhone has enabled the "Find My iPhone" function and is connected to a stable Internet, then you continue with the following operations.
2. Visit iCloud.com on your computer, and then log in to your Apple ID account.
3. Find the "All Devices" item at the top of the browser. Then select the device you want to erase data.
4. Click "Erase iPhone" to delete all content on the iOS device.
5. After clearing all data, the disabled iPhone can be repaired.

Use the unlock tool to unlock iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

If iTunes or iCloud cannot unlock a disabled iPhone, then RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker is what you need. This is a safe and fast repair solution.
1. Start the RecoveryTool unlocking program on your laptop or desktop, and then select the "Wipe Passcode" mode.

Wipe Passcode

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable, and then tap the "Start" button.


3. The software will start to detect the model, firmware version, and other related information of your iOS device. After confirming your device information, click "Start" to download the firmware package.
Device Information

4. This will take some time. When the firmware download is completed, click the "Unlock" button.
5. Enter the "0000" code to start the unlock operation. After successful completion, the screen lock on the disabled iPhone will be erased.


With these simple steps, you may have easily repaired a disabled iPhone. Of course, it is also often used by people to unlock various iOS locks, such as 6-digit passcode and 4-digit passcode.

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Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

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