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Export Contacts from iPhone to Android

How to Export Contacts from iPhone to Android

Posted by Aimee , Apr 07, 2018

Things changed frequently. Android smartphones do have the potential to surpass iPhone on features and price. And that's the reason I decided to switch from iPhone 7 to a new Android. After deliberate comparison, I was convinced by the new Samsung Galaxy S8. When I get the new phone, the first thing is to move all the iPhone contacts to the new Android. But you guess what, there are over 500 contacts stored on my old iPhone. Jesus! I don't want to type them one by one and keep copying and pasting over and over again. I need a more comfortable and easier way to get the job done. Fortunately, I got to know two better solutions to do this recently. Please read on!

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Part 1: Sync iPhone Contacts to Android using iTunes

To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, you can get help from your iTunes. If you have a Google account and manually backup your iPhone to your PC with iTunes. Here is an easy way to export your iPhone contacts to your Google account.
- Firstly, open iTunes and connect iPhone to your PC. Select your iPhone in iTunes. Under the "info" tab, choose to sync contacts with Google Contacts.
- Once the syncing is done, head to Gmail and log in to your account. Then go to Gmail > Contacts.
- Lastly, you can check all the contacts which have been imported to your Google Contacts.

Part 2: Export iPhone Contacts to Android with Phone Transfer

Except using iTunes, you should never miss the method in this part. RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, the best manager to help transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without any data loss. Please follow the step-by-step guides to check it out.

Step 1: Install Phone Transfer

First and foremost, please download and install this program. After it, click "Phone to Phone Transfer" to continue.

Phone Transfer

Step 2: Plug your iPhone and Android to the PC

Now get both your devices connected to the same PC via USB. Then this program will detect them automatically and set the iPhone as "Resource" and Android phone as "Destination". If you want to change their places, just click "Flip".
(Note: To make sure your iPhone being detected, iTunes should be set up first.)

Step 3: Export iPhone Contacts to Android

In this part, you need to tick "Contacts" in the "Select contact to copy" box. Then tap on "Start Copy" to begin the transferring process.

Export Contacts from iPhone to Android

That's it! After going through these two solutions, I believe that you already have an answer which one is easier to understand and operate. In my opinion, with RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, we can effectively transfer data between iPhone and Android. In a word, download and have a try yourself.

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Export Contacts from iPhone to Android

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