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Get iCloud Photos on Android

How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android

Posted by Aimee , May 29, 2018

There is a wide recognition that iOS is stable, smooth while Android is of complete function. So I decided to replace iPhone with Android phone. But when I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S8, one thing caught me in dilemma. I used to sync all precious photos to my iCloud, but now I really get confused about how to transfer all these photos from iCloud to an Android phone?
Well, if you have the similar concern about such problem, you should not miss this post. This article is contributed to help you out. And two most widely used ways to transfer photos from iCloud to Android are listed below. Just choose the way that's right for you:

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Part 1: Get Photos from iCloud to Android using iCloud Photo Stream

You can freely export iCloud pictures to Android phone through Photo Stream. The following are the detailed steps to make it.
- Go to "Setting" app on your iPhone.
- Tap "iCloud" and "Backup" tab.
- Move slider from left to right to turn on "iCloud Backup". As long as you turn on iCloud Auto Backup, your iPhone is backed up everyday automatically.
- Download the "Control Panel for iCloud" on your PC from the
http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/pc.html, then enable the sync feature.
- When you connect to the Internet, all the photos will be transferred to your PC automatically.
- Connect both your iPhone and Android phone to the same PC.
- Now transfer all photos that were downloaded on your PC into the Photos folder of your Android phone.

Part 2: Transfer iCloud images to Android with RecoveryTool Phone Transfer

Someone may complain that the first method is a little complex and tedious. Well, you have another option such as RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, which make it very simple to deal with photo transferring from iCloud to Android. Apart from photos, media on iCloud like music, videos can be also sent to you Android phone in the same way.

Step 1: Download and Launch Phone Transfer

To begin with, please install this program on your PC. Then run it to continue.


Step 2: Connect your device and Sign in to iCloud

After plugging your Android phone to the PC, it will be detected and displayed in the Destination box. Then you need to sign in to your iCloud account in the left column. After that, check the box in front of the iOS device to backup your iCloud files.

Transfer iCloud Photos

Step 3: Start to Transfer your photos to Android

Lastly, please select "Photos" in the middle column, then tap on "Start Copy" to begin the transferring. To avoid repetition, you may click the "Clear data before copy" before the copying process.

iCloud Photos to Android

OK! Both of these methods are useful for you to export iCloud photos to Android. Personally speaking, I think Phone Transfer provides a more direct and time-saving way to do some transfer from iCloud to Android. Just try either of them as you like.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Get iCloud Photos on Android

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