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Sync Contacts from iCloud to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jul 17, 2017

"Last night I got a call from my friend and he asked me to transfer his contacts from iCloud to iPhone. He told me he just wants to sync his contacts other than all the data. I had never met with such a similar case before, so I can't give any effective solutions. This is why I ask here and if you have some reliable suggestions, please tell me."
Well, If you want to sync iCloud contacts to iPhone, you must learn some tips and tricks. Otherwise, you may fail to get the contacts from iCloud to iPhone. Anyway, don't worry! The following introduces you 2 most widely used way to transfer contact from iCloud to iPhone. Just choose the way that's right for you.

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Part 1: Sync iCloud Contacts to iPhone using iCloud account

Step 1: Set up your existing iCloud account on your new iPhone.
Step 2: Go to Setting and click iCloud, then turn on the Contacts. Once prompted, choose Merge. One thing you need to know is if this doesn't download the contacts to your iPhone, you should go to iCloud.com on your PC, log into your iCloud account and check whether your contacts are there.

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from iCloud to iPhone with MobiTrans Transfer

In my opinion, I prefer to sync all the iCloud contacts to iPhone using MobiTrans Transfer. It not only empowers you to selectively transfer your expected data and files from iCloud to iPhone at a single click, but also allows you to export contacts only from iCloud and then import them to your new iPhone without any loss. Fast and directly, let's focus on the following tutorials to make it.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to your PC

First and foremost, download and install MobiTrans Transfer on your PC, then launch it. Click the green button to choose "Restore from Backups". After it, choose the iCloud icon.

Sync Contacts

Step 2: Log in iCloud

Once a log-in prompt, input your Apple ID and the password to sign in iCloud. Then this program will retrieve iCloud backup fie info. This process needs to take some minutes to complete, so you need to be patient enough.
When it's OK, you will enter iCloud. And your previously saved backup will be displayed on the left pane. Now you just need to choose "Contacts" and tap on "Download".

From iCloud to iPhone

Step 3: Copy and Transfer Contacts to iPhone

When the download completes, contents in that backup will be sorted and showed in the middle column. Just click "Contacts" and then "Start Copy". Then your contacts will be transferred to the connected iPhone. When the copying process is done, please click "OK" to finish the whole process.

Transfer Contacts

Both this two methods are available. But for me, I prefer the latter one. With MobiTrans Transfer, more data such as messages, photos and videos can also be transferred via this access. If you have any questions, jut put it forward. We will feed you back as soon as possible.

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Sync Contacts from iCloud to iPhone

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