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How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

Posted by Aimee , Jun 04, 2018

To make daily life more colorful and funny, we get used to installing a series of interesting apps on our Android device, some for entertainments, some for works, some for diets, while some for photography, etc. So definitely we don't wanna lose these favorite apps when we plan to switch to another Android phone. But honestly, many friends have asked me the same question long long ago, that is, How to Transfer apps from Android to another Android? No one wants to waste time and money in downloading the same apps again on the new phone. Fortunately, here are two solutions provided to solve your problem. Go on reading and check them out.

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Part 1: Transfer apps from Android to another with Google's backup system

If you only get a small number of apps to transfer, you can use Google's backup system. Besides, to transfer apps from one to another, you'll need additional backup apps like Titanium or Helium. Only then do you once again have the settings, stored accounts, game stats and so on, and the apps are immediately ready for use. Also, many games now use the Google Play Game cloud-saving feature. What they need to do is install the game on the new phone and they can continue in the same place where they left the game on the old device.
But sometimes, due to various versions of software, you may suffer from compatible issue. Also, the slow network speed would drive you mad and cost you lots of time. Want a more direct way to transfer your apps? Please refer to part 2.

Part 2: Transfer apps from Android to another using RecoveryTool Phone Transfer

RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, the ideal data transfer tool for mobile phones. With its powerful Apps management feature, you can transfer apps, contacts, text messages, photos, and music from one Android phone to another all in one click without any loss.

Step 1: Install RecoveryTool Phone Transfer and Connect both Android devices to the PC

After installation, launch RecoveryTool Phone Transfer. After that, please get your both phones connected to the same PC via USB. Then this program will detect your devices automatically and list all the detail of your devices.

Transfer Apps to New Android

Step 2: Transfer apps from old Android to the new Android

First of all, You need to check if your old Android phone is set at the "Source" side, while the new Android device is at the "Destination". If they are in wrong places, you need to click "Flip" to exchange their places.
By default, this program will check all the data types. Since here we just need to transfer app, you can ignore other boxes but tick the "Apps" and "App Data". After it, tap on "Start Copy" to start the copying process.
(Note: Please pay attention to the box "Clear data before copy" on the bottom of the interface. If you want to clear data on the destination device before transfer, you can tick it. Otherwise, just uncheck it.)

Transfer Apps from Android to Android

Super easy and efficient, isn't it? With the help of RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, your journey of new Android phone would be more smooth and much more wonderful. So what are you waiting for? Come on! Move your mouse and download RecoveryTool Phone Transfer now!

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Transfer Apps to New Android

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