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Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android Device

Posted by Aimee , May 10, 2018

Calendar app is becoming more and more useful today. Many users use it to record important events or appointments they are going to do on the exact date. So for users, especially for the people who are always busy and have tight agenda, to make schedule organized, this app is really indispensable.
But people may worry about whether their calendar events can be still with them if they plan to switch from iPhone to Android device. Well, the luck is yours and the answer is absolutely yes! Here is a detailed tutorial showing how to transfer calendar from iPhone.

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Part 1: Use Google to Sync calendar from iPhone to Android

We all know that exporting iPhone calendar manually is impractical in modern times. Instead, you can take care of everything with iCloud, which is really easy to transfer your iPhone calendars to your Google calendars. Steps are shown below.
- Go to Settings on your iPhone.
- Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".
- Select your Google account (if you have one in your iPhone; if not, add it).
- Go to "Calendars" and switch the toggle on. This will sync all your calendar events automatically.

Part 2: Transfer iPhone Calendar to Android with Phone Transfer

If you find the first method is not that ideal for operating, then you should try RecoveryTool Phone Transfer, an expert in transmitting data between Android and iOS devices. This software fully supports the most brand-new products of iPhone and Android. Now please follow the three simple steps to have your iPhone calendars transferred to your Android phone.

Step 1: Download and Install Phone Transfer

First of all, please download and launch Phone Transfer on your PC. Then click on "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Transfer Calendar

Step 2: Connect your both devices to PC

Now connect your iPhone and Android to the same PC via USB. After being detected, they would be set as "Source" and "Destination" respectively.
(Note: If they are in wrong places, you can exchange them by clicking "Flip".)

iPhone to Android

Step 3: Export iPhone Calendar to Android

Tick the "Calendar" in the middle column, then tap on "Start Copy" to begin the transferring. Once it's done, click "OK".

Export iPhone Calendar

The former method suits for transferring a small quantity of calendars events from iPhone to Android. But if you have tons of calendars need to migrate, then RecoveryTool Phone Transfer in method 2 is your best choice. Just simple clicks, you are able to transfer all your iPhone to data to Android phone with ease. Why not have a download now?

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Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android

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