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Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Oct 20, 2017

As we all know, nowadays iPhone is extremely popular with people from all around the world. Maybe you are not exception too. Many teenagers may find iPhone can match their outfit better than Windows phone. iPhone, on the other hand, provides a wide range of color and a more smooth operation system to choose from. However, before throwing away or sell our old Windows phone, the only thing worrying you might be the transfer of your Contacts from your Windows phone to your brand-new iPhone. So what should you do then?
Well, in my opinion, all you need is a phone data transfer tool. Say, MobiTrans Transfer, a professional helper that can make a perfect copy of your contacts from Windows phone to your new iPhone. It's easy to use and can save you lots of time and energy. Please download it and then follow the simple steps to perform a switch of contacts from Windows phone to iPhone.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Launch MobiTrans Transfer on your PC

After installation, run this program on your PC. Then you'll see the primary window on the interface. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 2: Connect both Devices to PC and Backup your Windows Phone

Now you need to connect your Windows phone and iPhone to the PC via USB cables. Then set your Windows phone as "Source" and your iPhone as "Destination". If they are in wrong places, you can correct them by clicking "Flip". After connected, you can see the following interface.
Tip: Please make sure you have backed up your Windows phone before. If not, you have to backup your Windows phone contacts to OneDrive first.

Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 3: Sign in OneDrive Account

After the backup, you can now choose "Have backed up already" to begin the transfer. And later this program will ask you to sign in to your OneDrive account.


Step 4: Choose Data Type to Transfer

Now as you can see, all the contents of the Windows phone will be displayed in the middle column. Since you only need to export your contacts, you can ignore others but tick "Contacts" and then click "Start Transfer" to move the Window phone contacts to iPhone.
The progress bar will show you the transferring process. When it is 100% filled, click "OK" to end it.


Likewise, you can also transfer other data from Windows phone to iPhone. Furthermore, no matter what phone brand you're using or what phone brand you're planning to change, MobiTrans Transfer are able to make the complicated process of data transfer between two different OS easy. So considerate and reliable, isn't it?

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

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