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Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad

Posted by Aimee , Jul 31, 2020

"I own a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPad. Both of them are my favorite electronic devices. Sometimes I can't carry two devices at the same time. I need to sync photos from the Samsung phone to the iPad which has a larger screen. This way I can better backup and enjoy these precious photos. However, Android and iOS are two completely different systems. Does this mean I have to transfer pictures one by one? This is something I cannot bear. Is there a better way to help me? Thanks in advance."
When you decide to switch from the Android platform to the iOS platform, you need to transfer data from the old device to the new one. However, the movement of cross-platform files requires some specific methods. This article uses the transfer of images from Samsung to the iPad as an example to provide you with some data synchronization solutions.

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Part 1: Transfer photos from Samsung to iPad with one click

The fewer steps to complete data synchronization, the more time we can save. To efficiently transfer files between different devices, it is necessary to use a data transfer tool that is RecoveryTool Phone Transfer. This way you can move data quickly in just a few steps.
1. Download the software from RecoveryTool and install it on your computer. Then start the data transfer program. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad

2. Connect Samsung and iPad to PC via USB cable. Samsung needs to be recognized as the source device. If the status of the two devices is reversed, then you can click "Flip" to change the position of both.

Samsung Pictures

3. Check "Photos" in "Select content to copy", and then click "Start Copy" to synchronize images.

Transfer Samsung Photos

With this mobile phone transfer tool, you will find that moving data between different devices is a simple matter.

Part 2: Other methods of transferring images

1. Use Google Drive to sync pictures.
If you are transferring a few photos, you can choose Google Drive.
- Install Google Drive on Samsung and iPad respectively.
- Run Google Drive on Samsung, then click the "+" icon. Tap the "Upload" item to upload the image to be transferred.
- Enable Google Drive on the iPad. Then find the photos you just uploaded. After clicking "More", click the "Send a Copy" item to download it to the iPad.
2. Use iTunes to move photos.
- Install the latest version of iTunes on your desktop.

Use iTunes to Move Photos

- Connect Samsung to the computer and put the device in "Disk Drive" mode, it will appear as a flash drive on the PC.
- Drag the pictures you want to sync from Samsung to the folder on your desktop.
- Remove the Android device and connect the iPad to the computer.
- Run iTunes and click in the following order.
Device> Photos> Sync Photos> Choose Folder...
- Find the folder containing the photos you want to transfer and click "Sync".

3. Sync images via email
When there are not many pictures, moving photos via email is a good way.
- Log in to your email account on Samsung and select "New Mail". Attach your image to the email and send it to your mailbox.

Sync Images Via Email

- Log in to your email account on the iPad. Open the email and save the attachment to the iOS device.
If you want to transfer multimedia files such as video or music, then this method is not very suitable.
In order to transfer photos efficiently, you can choose one or more methods to complete the movement of the photos according to the actual situation.

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Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad

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