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Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Apr 07, 2017

As one of the snubs, I always keep a habit of snapping and capturing precious life moment and share them to the world by a smartphone. So I do need a better phone with top-of-the-line camera. After comparing all kind of phones, I decided to switch an old Samsung S3 to a new iPhone 7 plus, which is really cool with well-shaped appearance, nice sound quality and other impressive features. Most importantly, the resolution of iPhone 7 plus is really high and the pictures in iPhone 7 plus looks much clearer than in my old Android phone.
But one thing remains unsolved: How can I transfer former photos from Android to iPhone? My friend suggests me to copy them to my PC and then move them into iPhone. But you know what, the size of the pictures is representing 6G! I need a more user-friendly software to help me out.

MobiTrans Transfer - an amazing and considerate tool, helps you to transfer Android photos into iPhone within three simple steps. For more details, please take a look at the instructions below, and check how it works.

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Step 1: Install and launch Phone Transfer on your PC

At the very beginning, you need to download and install this software. Next, launch Phone Transfer, then hit on the "Start" under the "Phone to Phone Transfer".
Tip: In this section, please make sure you have installed iTunes before using this software.

Step 2: Connect both phones to the PC

Get the two phones well connected to the same PC via USB, and the program will detect them automatically. Make sure the place of Source and Destination are set correctly. If not, you can click the "Flip" to change their place.
Please pay attention to the box "Clear data before copy", once you tick it, it means you want to remove all your photos on your iPhone before.

Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Step 3: Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Now you can tick the box "Photos" and hit on the "Start Copy" to begin the transferring. When the copying is completed, click  "OK".

Transfer Pictures

Done! These operations are quite simple, even a new user can handle it easily. Actually, besides photos, your contacts, call logs, SMS, music and videos are also transferable with the help of this program. Here I have to say, Phone Transfer is the best transfer tool I have used before.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone

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