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Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android

Posted by Aimee , Aug 04, 2020

"I am currently using an iPhone. I plan to buy a new Android device. Before that, I would like to know if I can directly sync contacts, text messages, pictures, and videos to my Android phone? I have not made a backup and do not want to lost files in the process of moving, so I need a reliable method. Is there any good data transfer plan? I am willing to try even the paid plan."
In addition to the iPhone, we have many other Android phones to choose from. iOS devices and Android devices are completely different. When you are obsessed with a certain Android phone, then you may choose to give up the iPhone that has been used for many years. Switching between iPhone and Android phones involves data transfer. This matter is not easy for novices. Reading this guide you will be able to learn the correct and powerful data transfer method. This article uses video as an example to help you seamlessly switch from iPhone to Android device.

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Part 1: Conveniently transfer iPhone videos to Android devices

In the case of maximizing benefits, using data transfer tools will be a good choice for many people. RecoveryTool Phone Transfer is an excellent device data synchronization program, which can easily help users transfer multiple videos and other files at once. Using this excellent data movement software you can control your iPhone data in an orderly manner.
1. Download the program on RecoveryTool, and then install it on your computer. Double-click the icon of the tool on the PC desktop to run it.


2. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" to continue. Then connect the iPhone and the new Android phone to the computer respectively. iPhone needs to be set to "Source". Then you can tap "Videos" in the middle column.

iPhone to Android

3. After clicking "Start Copy", you can transfer videos between iPhone and Android devices.

Transfer Video

Part 2: Other video synchronization solutions

In addition to the above mentioned, there are some other means to transfer video between different devices.
1. Move videos from iPhone to Android via Drag & Drop.
- Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer or Mac.
- Connect your iPhone to the PC, the computer will automatically recognize your device. After the iPhone is successfully recognized, you can go to the DCIM folder and select your target video from it.

DCIM Folder

- Copy the video file to the newly created folder on the desktop. After removing the iPhone, connect the Android device to the computer.
- Drag and drop the desired video folder on the desktop to the Android device.
2. Send the video via email.
For a video that is less than 20MB, you can send it as an attachment through Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and other e-mail addresses.
- Open the Photos app on the iPhone. Then select the sharing option on the video.
- After successfully sharing, log in to the recipient's email address on the Android device. Then download the video from the email to the Android device.
3. Download videos on Android devices via cloud services
If you have used a cloud service like Google Drive, you can use it to synchronize videos.
- Install Google Drive on the iPhone.

Google Drive

- After enabling this Drive app, you can find the "+" in the lower right corner and click on it.
- Tap "Upload", then you need to click "Photos and Videos". Find the video that needs to be uploaded from the iPhone.
- When the upload is completed, you can find the video file you just uploaded in Drive. Click the "Share" item next to this file, and then enter the email address of your Android device.
If you lose data during the video transmission, you can retrieve them with the help of iOS data recovery tools.

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Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android

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