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How to Add Audio or Music to a Video

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 01, 2022

"I have a YouTube video that is forty seconds long. This video needs to remove or replace the old audio track and add a canned music track to the video. And this is my first time using the RecoveryTool video editor. How can I use the video editing tool to add audio to video?"
Even though you've made and edited a great video on your iPhone, the lack of music takes a toll on the video. To make your short video stand out on YouTube or TikTok, you should add sound effects, background music, song, or other types of audio to your video to make a video more colorful. RecoveryTool will introduce you to three ways to add music to increase the quality and fun of your video.

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Part 1: The most convenient and powerful way to add audio to video

The most recommended way to add audio effects like music to your videos on your computer is RecoveryTool Video Editor, the most leading and popular in the video field. Millions of users have added various audio formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, MP4, WAV, WMA, AAC to their videos through this video editing program. And the software has proven to be an excellent and top-notch audio remover and adder.
1. Download this versatile video software to your computer on RecoveryTool and install it.
2. Click "Add Files" on the software interface to import the video.

Powerful way to add audio to video

3. The software will display the format of the video you imported. You need to tap the drop-down menu below the video format icon and select "Add Audio Track".

Add Audio or Music to a Video

4. After adding music or audio to the video, you can select the video format you want to output in "Convert All to". At the same time, you can improve the video quality, edit the video, adjust the video effect, etc., and then click "Convert All" to export or convert the video.

Part 2: Other ways to add music to video online

Everyone's needs are diverse. If you need a free online way to add background music or songs to videos, RecoveryTool will also provide suitable suggestions. VEED is one of the options available.
1. Visit veed.io/tools/add-audio-to-video and find the tool.
2. Click the "Choose Video" button, then upload your target video file to its server. This may take a while depending on the size of your file.


3. Then use the volume slider to remove the current background sound. Next, click "Upload" and go to "Upload Audio" to upload the audio file.
4. If you are satisfied with the added music or sound effects, then you can click the "Export" button.
Note: It is not a completely free audio adder, and some features require payment to use. In addition, most of the free music removal or additional websites in the market will add the website's watermark to the exported video. And these online video makers cannot guarantee the security of your privacy, so you need to measure and choose to use them.

Part 3: Apps to add audio to video on iOS and Android

If you record a video on an iOS or Android device and use it to create a video, you may need to add music to the video. A more convenient way is to install a video editing application on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. So you can put music on video on iOS or Android anytime, anywhere. Although this type of method has some limitations, it is still worth trying.

1. Filmr app

Android users can use this to edit or add audio directly on the device.
The video files generated by this app will take up a lot of storage space.
The application is complicated to use.
It's not free.

2. iMovie app

iMovie is a pre-installed video editing application for iOS devices developed by Apple.
Suitable for novices and beginners.
The function is too simple, and you can't create complex sound effects.
There is a compatibility issue with the output video format.

iMovie app

Either way, they let you add a music track or a soundtrack to your video. And RecoveryTool Video Editor is one of the most excellent programs and has the highest cost-effectiveness. So, choose it to create great videos for you.

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Add Audio to Video

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