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Convert AAC to MP3

How to Convert AAC to MP3 With or Without iTunes

Posted by Aimee , Jan 14, 2021

"I'm using the iPhone 12. iTunes is one of the commonly used software, which saves a lot of AAC audio files. However, some other software cannot read this type of content. How do I convert AAC to MP3?"
AAC is a file compression format specially designed for sound data, which allows music to provide better sound quality with smaller file size. The songs on the iTunes Store and Apple Music use this audio format. The AAC digital audio format has these advantages, but some people still choose MP3. The MP3 format can be applied to more music players. How can people convert AAC files into MP3 files? Read this article and you will get the answer to the question.

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Convert AAC to MP3 without iTunes

iTunes can convert AAC to MP3 files, but the operation is cumbersome and will reduce audio quality. Many of these conversion methods have this limitation. RecoveryTool Video Editor is one of the simple and powerful converters. In addition to converting music formats, it can also be used to convert video formats.
1. Install this video conversion tool on Windows or macOS. Double-click the program icon to run it, and click the "Add File" button to add the AAC file.

Add AAC File

2. If you need to edit the audio file, then you can use the editing function in the software.
3. Tap the rectangular box on the right of "Convert All to" and the options menu will pop up.
4. Click "Audio" in the menu, and then select one of the audio output qualities in the "MP3" item.

Audio Files

5. Click "Convert All" to create AAC as MP3.

Create AAC files as MP3 files via iTunes

In order to create songs in MP3 format on iTunes, you need to perform these operations.
1. Upgrade iTunes to the latest version. Click "Edit" after launching iTunes.
2. Click "Preferences" in the drop-down menu.
3. Tap the "Import Settings" item in the "General" menu.
4. Locate and select "MP3 Encoder" in the drop-down column of "Import Using". Then click the "OK" button to save the settings.

MP3 Encoder

5. Select the music file to be converted.
6. Click "Convert" in the "File" menu. Then tap "Create MP3 Version".
7. Wait for the audio format to change.
Compared to the error encountered when using iTunes on iOS devices, converting the format is already a relatively simple matter.

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Convert AAC to MP3

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