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How to Edit iPhone Videos Easily

Posted by Aimee , Sep 09, 2020

I shot different videos on the iPhone and wanted to stick them together to create a new video? Splice, iMovie or other methods have been used, but these methods do not meet your needs? Editing the video on the iPhone becomes a very crazy thing. Let's see if the following method can help you out of this dilemma.

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Part 1: How to edit videos on iPhone

The "Photos" app on the iPhone can edit videos directly, eliminating the hassle of syncing videos to your computer.
1. Tap the "Photos" app.
2. In "Photos", find the video you want to edit.
If you can't find it in iOS 12, you can click on "Albums" > "Media Types" > "Videos" in the following order.
3. Open the video you want to edit.
4. Click "Edit" in the top right corner.
5. Find the timeline bar at the bottom of the screen, where each frame of the video is displayed.
6. Drag one end of the timeline bar to the appropriate location to preserve what the video requires.
7. When the selection is complete, click "Done".
In iOS 12, a menu pops up with the options "Save as New Clip" and "Cancel". Select "Save as New Clip" to save the newly modified video.
8. You can view and share the video you just edited in "Photo" albums.

Part 2: How to Edit iPhone Videos on PC or Mac Easily

The "Photos" app is not a professional video editing tool. It can't add complex features like visual or sound effects. If you need these features, the RecoveryTool Video Editor software is worth a try. It's a powerful video editor that quickly creates professional video for you.
Step 1 Download and install this video software.
Note: Use iCloud or iTunes to transfer videos to PC or Mac in advance.
Step 2 Click "Add Files" to add video files. Then find the "Edit" icon in the lower right corner of the video.

Rotate Video

Edit Button

Step 3 Select the desired video effect in the software interface. Take "Rotate" as an example, click the "Rotate & Crop" item. Then you can edit or adjust the video effect.
Step 4 Tap "Ok" to confirm the modification. Then click the "Convert All" button in the next software interface to save and convert the video.

iPhone Video Editor

I hope that after reading this article, you can edit the video on your iPhone in the easiest way.

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iPhone Video Editor

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