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How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac or PC

Posted by RecoveryTool , Mar 24, 2022

"I'm going to watch QuickTime videos on my LG smart TV. The problem is that my smart TV doesn't support MOV files. Can I convert MOV to mp4? Do I need to buy converter software?"
Although MOV files are high-quality videos, not all media programs can play them. MP4 files take up less storage space and provide better accessibility. Therefore, people will need to export MOV files to MP4 in certain situations. So what can be done to better convert MOV files to MP4 on Mac or computer? If you are worried about this, you can try several methods provided in this article to convert MP4 video from MOV.

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Part 1: How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac or PC in the Best Way

RecoveryTool Video Editor is an excellent video converter software that provides users with an industry-leading video conversion experience. Not only can you quickly batch convert .mov to .mp4 format, but you can also convert video files to any format. The following is the video format conversion process.
1. Download and install the MOV to MP4 converter on your windows or mac computer.
2. Run this converter tool and click "Add Files" to import MOV videos into the program.

Convert MOV to MP4

3. Find "Convert All to:" on the software toolbar and click its drop-down icon.
4. Select "MP4" in the pop-up window of custom configuration, and then further set the resolution, audio sample rate, and encoder.

MOV to MP4 Converter

5. After everything is adjusted correctly, you can click "Convert All" to convert the video from MOV to MP4.
Because the video converter is more professional and efficient, this video format conversion takes less time than other methods and provides the ability to perform batch operations.

Part 2: How to convert MOV to MP4 on a computer or Mac for free

If you need a free version of the converter, iMovie is a suggestion. However, iMovie cannot convert multiple files at the same time. Therefore, its applicable scenarios are limited. You can choose to change MOV to mp4 according to your needs. To use iMovie, you can do this.
1. Search and download iMovie on the Internet.
2. After running the program, you can click the "File" item on the software interface. Then click "New Movie" again.
3. Then click "Import Media" and select MP4 format.
4. Click "Import Selected" to import your file successfully. Then click the "Share" button. Finally, tap "Export File" to successfully convert MOV to MP4.

Part 3: How to Convert MOV to MP4 Online

If you only need to convert one or two MOV videos to MP4, another option is to use online converters like Convertio, Zamzar, etc. You may not know that these free online converters do not make any guarantees about the quality of the converted videos. Also, because the MOV files need to be uploaded to the servers of these online MP4 converters, your privacy cannot be guaranteed. More importantly, uploading or downloading large video files can take a lot of time.
Now let's take Zamzar online service provider as an example to explain the process of online conversion to MP4 video.
1. Visit Zamzar's official website.
2. Click the "Choose Files" icon, then click the "Convert To" button and select the MP4 format.
3. After clicking the "Convert Now" button, you need to wait for a while. When Zamzar successfully converts MOV to MP4 online for free, you can click "Download" to download your MP4 file.

Zamzar online service

MOV was once an ambitious project by Apple. But now it is not compatible with devices other than MAC, and fortunately people can convert MOV video files to MP4 freely online or through video converters. The most noteworthy of these is RecoveryTool Video Editor, which automates the process of video format conversion and improves the conversion efficiency. So if you need high-quality MP4 files, it's the best choice.

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