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How to Crop Videos on Windows or Mac

Posted by Aimee , Sep 13, 2020

The cropped video has no extra parts. It makes the video look more professional and aesthetic. However, many amateurs don't know how to crop video. So how can we crop the video efficiently? At the same time, what types of video cropping tools are available for both Windows and Mac? RecoveryTool Video Editor solves all these doubts. In the article we will show you how to crop video on Windows or Mac.

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Part 1: How to crop video in Windows

For Windows users, you can crop the video using the RecoveryTool Video Editor. With this tool, you can crop the video into square, portrait, and landscape. They can meet the requirements of Facebook videos, Youtube videos and other video platforms.
1. Download the program from RecoveryTool and click the "Add Files" button to add the required video. Then tap the icon in the shape of a magic wand, which is the "Edit" function.

Video Crop Editor

2. Click the "Rotate & Crop" item. In the "Crop:" column, you can crop the video according to the interface prompts.
3. Tap the "OK" button to save the cropping operation. Then, click "Convert All" to save and convert the video.

Crop Videos

Part 2: How to crop video in Mac

Mac users can also use the RecoveryTool Video Editor to crop video. However, if you are not very demanding on cropping video, you can also crop the video with the video software built into the Mac.
1. Find iMovie on your Mac and open it.
2. After launching a project, click on "Import Media" to import the video.
3. After the video is dragged to the timeline, click the Crop button at the top of the preview window.
4. Select the crop style and range. Then tap the "Apply" button to get the cropped video.

Crop Videos on Mac

With these two examples, cropping videos on Windows or Mac is no longer a difficult task for you.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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