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How to Edit Video with VLC Media Player

Posted by Aimee , Sep 09, 2020

VLC is a very good multimedia player software. It supports MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, FLAC, OGG and other video and audio formats. At the same time, it has functions such as cutting, rotating, merging and adding effects. However, it does not fully meet the video editing needs of everyone. There is a gap with Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie and VideoProc professional software.
So how do we use this video editing software correctly? In this article, we will show how to use VLC to make Cut/Merge videos.

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Part 1: How to Merge Videos with VLC Player

Step 1 Click the "Media" option on the menu bar of the VLC Media Player software and select "Open Multiple Files".
Step 2 After the "Open Media" interface pops up, click the "Add" button to add the videos you want to merge.
Step 3 Select the "Convert"  option from the drop-down menu of the "Play" button, and then you can export the merged video to the destination folder.

Part 2: How to Cut Videos with VLC Player

Step 1 After launching the VLC player, tap the "View" tab on the menu bar and select the "Advanced Controls" option.
Step 2 Slide the playhead to the video position you want to cut, then press the red Record button to start cutting the video. Finally, click the red button again to complete the video cut. The recorded video is saved by default in the My Videos folder on your computer.

VLC Video Editor

Part 3. How to Edit Videos with VLC Alternative

VLC can do some simple video editing, but it is not a professional video editing software. When you need to make a higher demand video, VLC is not up to the task. For example, the "Add text" function in VLC is not perfect enough, and the video splitting effect is not good enough. Given these shortcomings, another simple video editor is necessary. RecoveryTool Video Editor is a great advanced tool. The following is an example of rotating video.

How to Rotate Videos with RecoveryTool Video Editor

Step 1 Download the software and start the Video editor program after installation.
Step 2 Drag single or multiple videos to the software interface. Find the "Edit" icon under the word "MP4". After switching to the next program interface, click "Rotate & Crop".

RecoveryTool Video Editor

Step 3 Edit the video in "Rotation". You can preview the result on the right.
Step 4 If you do not need to adjust the items in "Crop", "Aspect Ratio" or "Zoom Mode", you can directly click the "OK" button.
Step 5 Click "Convert All" to convert and save the video.

VLC Video Editor

Finally, I hope you can better edit your video with VLC Player and RecoveryTool Video Editor.

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VLC Video Editor

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