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How to Use YouTube Video Editor to Edit YouTube Video

Posted by Aimee , Oct 30, 2020

"I am considering how to edit YouTube videos for free. But I have no idea about this. Is there any easy-to-use video editing software or online video editing?"
Editing videos requires professional knowledge and software, but there are not many video editing tools suitable for beginners. YouTube is a platform for many people to promote to potential customers. You need to make your videos have professional effects. If the correct shots cannot be merged together seamlessly, the video will look unsightly and will not attract customers. In the case of a limited budget, you can use the YouTube video editor. When you upload a video to the channel, you can use the built-in video tool on YouTube. This is a basic video editor, so it cannot replace a powerful video editing tool. Now let's start learning how to edit YouTube videos.

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Part 1: Edit videos with the YouTube Video Editor

If YouTube Video Editor is your first choice, then you can edit your YouTube video through the following steps.
1. Go to YouTube in your browser and log in to your account.
2. Click the arrow next to the picture. Then tap the "Video Editor" item on the menu.
3. Select the video you want to edit on the "Uploads" page. Tap the "Edit" button to go to the "Info and Settings" page.
4. You will see the "Enhancements" tab. Click it and you can select the appropriate video enhancement function.
5. In addition, you can use the audio enhancement function on the video by tapping the "Audio" tab.
6. Click "Save" to save the edited video and click "Publish" to publish the video.

YouTube Video

Part 2: Edit your YouTube videos like an expert

To make your video more aesthetic, RecoveryTool Video Editor can help you. This editor is different from online video editing services. It can be used to edit videos and batch convert videos to 1,000 formats.
1. Download and install this all-in-one video editor.
2. Run the video tool. Then drag and drop the YouTube video into the software interface.

Add YouTube Videos

3. Click the "Edit" icon to go to the video editing function interface.


4. In this article, we take rotating YouTube videos as an example. Click "Rotate & Crop", then you can edit the video.

Rotate & Crop

5. After clicking the "OK" button, select the video format to be converted and the video location to be saved. Finally, click the "Convert All" item.

Convert All

It is easy to convert videos. However, using a data recovery program to recover video files will be a little bit twisty.

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Youtube Video Editor Tips

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