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How to Quickly Reverse YouTube Videos

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 04, 2022

"I'm using Shotcut to reverse a YouTube video clip, but it stops and fails when it's halfway through. The tutorial video for that video editing software says that clicking reverse will play the video backwards. Although I have tried many times, my short video still can't achieve the backward effect as in the user guide. What is causing it not to work? Do you have any good suggestions?"
A reversal video that flows backward like running water can feel hilarious and entertaining. You will be able to get more attention and create more business value. So vloggers on YouTube are happy to experiment with the rewind effect. So how can people play YouTube videos in reverse? It's actually pretty simple. If you read this article, you'll know how to quickly reverse a short video for uploading to YouTube.

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Part 1: How to easily play YouTube videos in reverse

If you need to use YouTube to play backwards on Windows or Mac, then you shouldn't miss RecoveryTool Video Editor, a powerful YouTube video reverser for both beginners and professionals. And besides reversing video frames, it can also help users edit video, such as converting various video formats, splitting/cutting/trimming/rotating/zooming/cropping video files, adding watermarks, etc. So now, let RecoveryTool take you step-by-step to reverse the YouTube video.
1. Download your YouTube video to your computer, and then download this video editing software for free on RecoveryTool. After installing this video reverser, you can run it.
2. Click the "Toolbox" item on the software interface. Then drop down the menu to find the "Video Reverser" tool.

YouTube Video Reverser

3. Tap "Video Reverser" and go to the "Add a video to Video Reverser" interface.
4. Then click "+" to import your target YouTube video file.

Play YouTube videos in reverse

5. You can reverse the entire video or cut clips to reverse. Follow the prompts on the software interface, and then click the "Export" button to output the reversed video track file.
6. If you need to check the effect of playing the video backwards, you can place the reversed video in this editing tool for playback. And it has to be said that you can also edit the video and add other effects to make the video more outstanding.

Part 2: How to reverse YouTube videos online

If you are not willing to download and install video editors, you need to waste time uploading and downloading videos. This is unbearable for users who need to process many video files or the video file size is large because uploading and downloading will take a lot of time. Nonetheless, RecoveryTool is happy to share more available avenues with vloggers and other video enthusiasts. If you're going to reverse YouTube videos online, Kapwing is worth trying.
1. Visit this website https://www.kapwing.com/tools/reverse-video. Then click "Upload File" or copy the YouTube video URL into the "Paste a URL" box.

Reverse YouTube videos online

2. Find the "Reverse" item on the web page and set it up.
3. Then click the "Export Video" button on the page navigation bar to generate the reverse video file.
4. This will take some time. Once the reversed video is generated, the "Download file" button can be clicked to download the reversed video.
Note: Video files generated by users of the free version of Kapwing will have the Kapwing watermark. And the video files exported from Kapwing can only be in MP4 format.

Part 3: How to use Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie to reverse video clips

Besides RecoveryTool Video Editor and online video reverser, you can also refer to other YouTube video reversers. Because the more ways you know, the more ways you can solve a problem. And Premiere Pro and iMovie are available alternatives.

Use Adobe Premiere Pro to reverse the playback of your YouTube video clips

1. With Adobe Premiere Pro running, drag the video clip onto the timeline.

Adobe Premiere Pro to reverse video clips

2. After clicking the "Clip" item, click "Speed/Duration".
3. Then check the "Reverse Speed" item in the "Clip Speed/Duration" pop-up window.
4. Now, you will be able to see the YouTube video clip playing in reverse at the actual speed of the player.
Things to keep in mind when using Adobe Premiere Pro:
- This video editing program has complex functions and no quick-use tutorials, so it is not friendly to beginners and novices.
- It does not support a free trial and requires monthly or yearly payment. So not worth the money for non-professional users.
Using Adobe Premiere Pro requires a GPU with high processing power or will likely crash.
- Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful, so RAM usage is high. Otherwise, the computer freezes up.

Reverse YouTube Videos with iMovie

1. Once you have iMovie installed, you can run it.

iMovie to reverse video clips

2. Load your target video clip project into this software, then drag this YouTube video to the timeline. Then click "Clock (Speedometer)" at the viewer's top.
3. Find and check the "Reverse" item in the tab. Finally, you can play the video clip backwards in iMovie.
Things to keep in mind when using iMovie:
- Sufficient space on your hard drive is required to use iMovie as the base video size in iMovie will exceed 1 GB.
- iMovie does not work with all MP4 formats. And making edits is complicated.
- Many people think that iMovie is free, but it is a third-party paid software.

Part 4: Tips for reverse YouTube playlist

Not only have people mentioned the issue of reversing YouTube videos, but also reversing YouTube playlists. Therefore, RecoveryTool will also solve the confusion for users.
1. Run the Chrome browser on your computer, then you need to visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore.
2. Type "Improve for YouTube" or "Iridium for YouTube" in the search box. Then tap "ENTER" to search for the target extension.
3. Once you find the extension you want to add, you can click "Add to Chrome".
4. Tap the "Add extension" item in the following popup.
5. After adding the target extension, visit the official YouTube website on your browser.
6. Play the video on the playlist on YouTube. There will be a reverse button next to the playlist. When you tap it, the playlist video will play in reverse.

Reverse YouTube playlist

In this article, you have fully mastered how to reverse YouTube videos. So you can choose one of the video reversers to play the video backward for you. And RecoveryTool Video Editor is suitable for most users and has many basic & advanced editing functions. Therefore, your YouTube videos will be able to get better visual effects with the help of this video editor.

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