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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Posted by Kate , Mar 17, 2015

I have accidentally deleted some important messages about business affairs. What's worse, I don't have a backup. Is there possibility in recovering deleted text messages from my mobile phone with Android system? The type of my mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy.                                                    --Christian

Sometimes it is inevitable for users to delete important SMS by mistakes. It seems difficult to recover deleted text messages if you have no backup of your data before you lost them. But if you have Android Data Recovery, a professional data recovery tool, all knotty problems can be smoothly solved! Android Data Recovery is a dedicated tool for recovering deleted, formatted and corrupted SMS from Android devices.

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4 Simple Steps to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Android

Step 1 Connect your Android phone to PC

First of all, run the file recovery software on your computer. Then connect your Android phone to the computer via an USB cable and select "Recover Android Data" in "Recover". To make sure the software go on smoothly, you need to keep firm connection between them.

Recover Text Messages from Android

Step 2 Enable USB into debugging mode on Android device

When your mobile phone is successfully connected to computer, a window will pop up asking whether to enter debugging mode. If not, follow the steps below to enable it.

For users of Android 2.3 or earlier:
Tap "Settings" > click "Applications" > click "Development" > check "USB debugging"
For users of Android 3.0 to 4.1:
Tap "Settings" > click "Developer options" > check "USB debugging"
For users of Android 4.2 or newer:
Tap "Settings" > click "About Phone" > tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" > Back to "Settings" > click "Developer options" > check "USB debugging".

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Android

Step 3 Analyze your Android phone

If your phone successfully entered debugging mode, click start to let the program analyze your Android phone. Here you need to make sure your phone's battery is not less than 20% charged.

Recover Text Message on Android

Step 4 Scan and retrieve deleted text messages on Android

After analyzing your Android, you can begin to scan it now.
Turn to your Android phone and click "Allow"and "Remember" when the Superuser Request screen pops up. Then click "Start" to begin scanning data in your phone. When scanning competes, all data will be listed in the left column of the window. Choose "Messages", preview them and recover those you need by clicking "Recover" button.

Recover Lost Text Messages on Android

Note: To easily recover deleted text messages in android, you can slide the button on the top of the window to "On" to only display deleted items.

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