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Recover Deleted Contacts Android

How to Restore Contacts on Android

Posted by Aimee , Dec 11, 2020

"After accidentally deleting some contacts on my colleague's Android phone, I was in a panic and did not know how to restore these missing contacts. Is it possible to retrieve the lost contacts from the Android device?"
It is certain that many people will encounter situations where contacts are deleted by mistake or disappear for no reason. The contact list is one of the important data for Android users or Apple users. Losing contacts is not the worst, not being able to recover them is the worst. We have summed up some countermeasures for this. Whether you have rooted your Android device or not, you can rescue your lost contacts through this article.

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Find missing contacts

Contacts that disappear for no reason on the Android device may just be hidden. In this case, you can do this:
1. Tap the "Contacts" app on your Android device, and then tap the menu icon in the upper right corner.
2. After selecting "Contacts to display", click "All contacts".
3. If all contacts have been displayed, then the reason for missing contacts is not because they are hidden.

Restore deleted contacts from Google account

When the contacts on the device are lost, Gmail will facilitate data retrieval. Follow the steps below to restore your Google contacts:
1. Visit the Google Contacts website via a browser on an Android device or computer. After logging in to your Gmail account, click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner.
2. Click "Undo Changes".
3. Select a time period to be restored, and then tap the "Undo" item.
4. Gmail will send an email asking you to confirm this recovery operation.

Google Account

Recover Google contacts to Android

If you have important contacts saved on your Google account, you can sync them to your Android device.
1. Go to "Settings" on your Android device.
2. Scroll down to find "Accounts and Sync"
3. Log in to your account and synchronize contacts.

Retrieve contacts using a recovery tool

Like iPhone undoing contacts, using professional tools can save your lost contacts as soon as possible. Android Data Recovery on RecoveryTool is one of such efficient data recovery software, many users have recovered various types of files through it. 
1. After downloading and installing the program, connect the Android device to the computer via a USB cable.
2. Launch the Android recovery tool. Then click on the "Android Data Recovery" function.

Android Data Recovery

3. If the device has not enabled the USB debugging mode, you will need to enable it according to the instructions on the software interface. Then tap "OK" to continue.

USB Debugging Mode

4. In the next software interface, the user needs to select the file type to be restored. After tapping the "Contact" item, click the "Next" button.

File Type

5. Once the scan is over, you will be able to preview all the scanned content on the right side of the software interface. Select the contacts you want to undelete and click the "Recover" button to restore them.


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Recover Deleted Contacts Android

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