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Recover Voice Recordings Samsung

How to Recover Deleted Voice Recordings on Samsung

Posted by Aimee , Nov 28, 2019

"Does anyone know how to restore voice in Samsung Note 10? I accidentally lost them this morning. These voice recordings are important to me. I hope they can be retrieved in the easiest method. Any guys can recommend some ways? "
People sometimes like to save some interesting sounds. Just like those who lost photos on their phones, losing your favorite voice on Samsung devices is annoying news. So how do we get back the lost voice? Do not worry! This is an article about restoring voice recordings on Samsung devices.
RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery software can retrieve your voice files. It supports various Samsung devices. In addition to voice recordings, it can also recover pictures, messages, contacts, and more.
Tip: It is recommended that you do not use Samsung devices to prevent data from being overwritten.

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Now we start reading the guide.
Step 1: Download and install
After the download is complete, install and run the recovery tool on your computer. Then tap "Android Data Recovery".

Android Data Recovery

Step 2: Connect Samsung device to PC via USB
You should connect your Samsung device to your computer with a USB cable. Most importantly, you need to enable USB debugging. When you are done, you will see some file types to choose from. If you only need to retrieve voice recordings, you should select "Audio". Then, click "Next" for the next step.

USB Debugging

Step 3: Analyze and scan Samsung devices
After the recovery program has rooted your Samsung device, it will analyze and scan the lost files of your Android device.
Step 4: Preview and recover lost voice from Samsung device
During the scanning process, you will see the voice files appear on the screen one by one. Next, you can select the voice recordings that need to be recovered. Finally, you should click the "Recover" button on the bottom right.

Recover Voice Recordings Samsung

Note: Backing up Samsung data is the best way to prevent data loss. This avoids using recovery tools to rescue the data.
By following these four steps, you can easily retrieve your precious voice recordings yourself. If there is a need to recover other files, this software is also competent. Why not download and try it now?

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Recover Voice Recordings Samsung

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