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Restore Deleted Videos from Android SD Card

How to Recover Lost Videos from Android SD Card

Posted by Aimee , Jan 01, 2020

"The phone model I use is Samsung Galaxy Note10 +. I bought a Kingston 64G SD card a few days ago. And I have transferred the files stored in the phone storage space to the SD card. Just now, I found that all the files in the SD card are disappeared. I don't know what caused this situation. Now, I need a way to recover the SD card files. My SD card stores videos, music, documents, etc. If there are free methods or tools, this will be a piece of good news. I would appreciate it. "
Maybe you have experienced accidentally losing videos from the SD memory card. This is an annoying problem. So how can this be resolved? I think that professional recovery software will help you solve the problem easily.

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Part 1: Free repair of unreadable SD card

If the SD card cannot be read and the video is lost, you need to troubleshoot the SD card first. Once troubleshooting we can recover the video for free. 
1. Shut down and restart your Android device.
2. Remove the SD card and place it in the SD card slot again.
3. Remove the memory card and clean its metal contacts with an eraser. Then reinstall it on the device.
4. Insert a working SD card and check if the Android device can correctly identify the SD card.
If the above cannot repair the unreadable memory card, then the SD card may be damaged. This means that it is difficult to rescue data from SD memory cards for free.

Unreadable SD Card

Part 2: Retrieve video from SD card with a recovery tool

If you just need to get back the lost videos, then you can use the recovery program to rescue the lost videos.
1. After downloading RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery, install it on your computer. Then run it.
Note: This method is only effective for SD memory card without physical damage.
2. Select the "Android Data Recovery" function from the software interface. Then connect your Android device to the computer and the SD card video recovery software will automatically detect your device. If your Android device cannot be detected successfully, then you need to enable USB debugging mode and follow the software interface prompts.

RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery

3. Select Videos and click the Next button.


4. Preview all videos in the "Video" category in the scan results. Select the required file and click "Recover" to save it.

Recover Lost Videos from Android SD Card

I hope these will help you get back the deleted videos. In addition to recovering deleted videos from SD card, Android Data Recovery can also retrieve contacts, audios, photos and others.

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Restore Deleted Videos from Android SD Card

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