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How to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Phone

Posted by Kate , May 08, 2018

While my friend was transferring data from his Samsung Galaxy to another phone, he accidentally deleted his files. His music, photos, videos and all documents are gone. How could he get them back? How can he realize the Samsung galaxy recovery?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile phones, people tend to spend more time with smart mobile phones for entertainment. However, it will be a disaster if the important files are lost or deleted suddenly. Though the truth is that recovery Samsung has been possible for the Samsung phone users. RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery, a comprehensive program which can be used to recover deleted contacts, text message, photos and videos from all kinds of Samsung devices, is urgently needed.
This program allows you to make Samsung data recovery available in 3 steps

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Part 1: Top 5 Causes of Samsung Mobile Phone Data Loss

Technology does not come naturally. This means that it is created by humans thus there might be some flaws in it. Mobile phones have become a good place to store files which you may want to retrieve quickly. However, this has increased the risk of data loss on many mobile devices. There are plenty of possibilities which might cause loss of data on phones. When Samsung mobile phone loses data, there are five critical causes to the data loss. An upgrade is a top reason. Data may get lost during a system upgrade. Another main cause of data loss is human error. For example, you might accidentally delete files from the memory your phone when it is in your pocket. Data can also be erased when you let other people activate some features. Theft is also among the top five causes. When you drop your phone or when it is taken away from you unknowingly, it can be difficult to get back the data. Also, since that phones are computer devices, removing the battery may cause data loss. They data on RAM which are volatile when the power source is removed abruptly.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Phone

Step 1. Download and launch a Samsung Recovery Software on your phone

After installing and launching the Samsung recovery software, you may be asked to connect your device to PC. After that, you need to choose "Recover" on the software and enable USB debugging on your phone.

Recover Samsung Data

Step.2 Choose to scan the needed files

After debugging USB, your device will be detected by the Samsung recovery software. After that, you will be asked to make Superuser request authorization available for Samsung recovery software and allow the software to connect the authorization by clicking "Allow".

Restore Samsung Data

Then, the next screen will appear and you can select target data or files to scan and recover. You need to click on the same option if you want to restore photos. Please choose "deleted files" on the next screen.

Regain Samsung Data

Step.3 Restore lost or deleted data or file from Samsung

All the deleted files will be showed with the help of Samsung recovery software few minutes later. On the recover tab, you can select the files you need to recover and click at their bottom. These files will be recovered and moved back to their original position.

Samsung Data Recovery

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Samsung Data Recovery

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