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DDR Memory Card Recovery

How to Recover Data from DDR Memory Card

Posted by Aimee , Dec 03, 2019

DDR Memory Card is a double-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. It is one of the types of memory. Memory is a storage space that can be directly referenced by the CPU and is made of semiconductor devices. Permanent and most data is generally not stored in memory, only temporary or small amounts of data are stored in memory. DDR memory transfers data twice in one clock cycle. It can transmit data once during the rising and falling periods of the clock. It is also called a double-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. According to the frequency of DDR memory, it is divided into DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5.
For most people, recovering data from a DDR Memory Card is not a necessary requirement. However, if the files stored in it are lost, DDR Memory Card Recovery is the necessary tool for data recovery. RecoveryTool Data Recovery is one of the full-featured versions of DDR memory card recovery. It can not only extract data from DDR memory card recovery but also retrieve lost files from Windows or Mac. Read this user guide. Do not use the memory card until data is retrieved from the DDR Memory Card.

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To ensure the effect of data recovery, strictly perform the following operations.
1. Download the file recovery program on the RecoveryTool website. After the software installation is complete, connect the DDR memory card to your PC or Mac.
2. Run DDR Memory Card Recovery and select the file type to be recovered. Then click "Next". This tool can recover data such as Photo, Music, Video, Email, Document and other files.

File Recovery

3. Select "Exter removable device" and click "Start" button for data scanning.

DDR Memory Card Recovery

4. After the scanning process is completed, you can preview the lost files in the DDR memory card. Tick the files to be recovered. Then click the "Recover" button for data recovery.

Recover Data from DDR Memory Card

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DDR Memory Card Recovery

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