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How to Recover Data from Desktop or Laptop

Posted by Aimee , Feb 03, 2020

"My daughter's laptop suddenly couldn't turn on. I have tried some free programs.  Most of the recovered JPEG pictures are not visible. And these free recovery software runs very slowly. Later, I called the data recovery service. Their offer may be as high as $ 400. She is just a college student and can't afford the costs of a recovery lab. She only intends to retrieve pictures and word documents. Is there any affordable software to rescue her data?"
Sometimes you may have to format the hard drive of a desktop or laptop. Unfortunately, all data will disappear after formatting the computer. So you might wonder if there are some ways to recover lost files? Data loss is indeed painful. Fortunately, these missing files are still on the hard drive of the PC or laptop. It will be considered as inaccessible data. You have the opportunity to recover these files before the new data overwrites them. Here, I will show you a useful recovery tool, RecoveryTool Data Recovery, which you can quickly recover data on your desktop or laptop.

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If the hard drive of your desktop or laptop is not physically damaged, you can use this method to retrieve data from your Mac or Windows computer.
Step 1. After installing and launching the recovery tool on your PC, you will see the list of recoverable file types. Select the type of files you need to retrieve.
Recover Data from Desktop or Laptop

Step 2. On the interface of the recovery software, the locations where the files can be retrieved will be listed. Then you need to select one of them and then click the "Start" button to start scanning the lost data.

Laptop Data Recovery

Step 3. In the last step, you can search your lost files in the scan results. Select the required files and click the "Recover" button.
Tip: Do not save the data back to the original path.

Desktop Data Recovery Software

With desktop and laptop data recovery software, you can easily extract unreadable data from your hard drive.

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Desktop Laptop Data Recovery Software

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