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How to Recover Files from Multimedia Card

Posted by Aimee , Nov 15, 2019

"I just did an incredible thing. I accidentally deleted the data from my Multimedia card. After the data was deleted, I stopped using my MMC. I believe that if I didn't format my card, all the data can be saved back. However, I have not found a suitable method now."
MMC is an abbreviation of Multimedia card. It is a memory card standard for solid state storage. It is used in digital audio players, cell phones, digital cameras and other devices. Make people's daily life more convenient. However, what should we do if the data we store on the Multimedia Card is lost? Does it mean that the data has disappeared? Can I recover data like a normal SD card? You don't need to worry about this. Reading this article will show you how to get lost files in MMC.

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On the MMC we can store audio files, pictures, videos and other data. In this regard, we need a powerful tool to help us restore data from bad conditions. RecoveryTool Data Recovery is such a powerful data recovery software. You can retrieve lost data in your Multimedia card in just a few simple steps.

1. After the installation is complete, run this software. According to the type of files you need to restore, check the data you want to recover. Then click Next.


2. Select "Exter removable device" as the data recovery source and click Start. At this point, the software will scan for missing files.

Exter removable device

3. Once the scan is complete, you can preview your lost data. Select the data you need and click Recover to retrieve data.

MMC Data Recovery

At this point, I believe that the MMC recovery tool has helped you recover files in the Multimedia card.

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MMC Data Recovery

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