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Recover Data from Hard Disk After Format

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk after Format

Posted by Aimee , Sep 11, 2019

As one of the most important parts of a computer, hard disks play a necessary role in data storing. Even more, most operating systems are stored in hard disk too. So once a hard disk is formatted or broken, it will be a big issue for users to recover data from a formatted hard disk. Many people have know that after formatting, all the data in the hard disk will be deleted and can’t be found back.
However, they don't know that those data haven't been deleted, just lost the way to get them. So, it is still possible to restore data from hard disk after formatting as long as you have a credible recovery tool.
Here we recommend you RecoveryTool Data Recovery, a professional and practical data recovery tool. It can help to recover lost data from formatted hard disk.
Note: stop using your hard disk in case that all the data are overwritten and can't be found back.

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Guide:How to Recover Data from Hard Disk after Format

Step 1. Launch the Program

Download the software on your computer first and then launch the program.

Step 2. Select the Types and Locations of Lost Files

In this step, the program will guide you to choose the files types and the locations, just choose the correct one. For example, if you want to restore photos from Disk C, you can just choose "Photos" and "Disk C".

Recover Files after Format


Step 3. Scan for Lost Files

The program will then begin to scan for lost files. You can choose "Quick Scan" to save time or "Deep Scan" for a further scan.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Data

After scanning, all your lost data will be found back and listed in categories for you. Now you can check those files one by one and tick the items you want as well. Finally, just click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Recover Data after Format

The passage above had showed you how to restore data from formatted hard disk, I hope it can help. If you want to recover data that lost in other condition, you can download RecoveryTool Data Recovery for detailed guide.

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Recover Data from Hard Disk After Format

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