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SanDisk Memory Card Recovery

How to Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card

Posted by Aimee , Dec 04, 2019

"I went to Hawaii with my family for vacation. We enjoyed the last holiday of 2019. At midnight, beautiful fireworks illuminated the sky. I used the Galaxy S10 to take dozens of photos for my family. The next day, I opened the album and found that all the pictures in the SanDisk SD card disappeared. The Android phone could not recognize the SanDisk memory card in the machine. My experience is to use software such as Disk Drill and EaseUS Data Recovery to recover the data. Unfortunately, they are failed to rescue my pictures. Will I still have a chance to retrieve these important pictures from SanDisk microSD card? "
SanDisk memory card is often used in mobile devices. It can provide extra storage space for storing pictures, videos, documents, audio, etc. When a Sandisk memory card crashes and stops working, the data stored on the SD card may be lost. How do we get this data back in this situation? If the SanDisk SD card is not physically damaged, all lost data can be recovered. At this time you need a reliable SanDisk recovery tool. This article will provide you with a powerful SanDisk SD recovery program that can help you quickly retrieve deleted or lost files and avoid data being overwritten.

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RecoveryTool Data Recovery has two free trial versions for Windows and Mac. It can help most SanDisk users get back data. As the best SanDisk recovery software, downloading and installing is your best choice.
1. Run the Sandisk image recovery tool, and then connect the SanDisk memory card to your computer with a card reader. Alternatively, you can connect your phone or camera directly to your PC without removing the SD card.
2. In the second step, you can select the file types to be retrieved based on the lost or deleted data. Then click "Next" to enter the third step.


3. Before clicking the "Start" button, tap "Exter removable device" as the file recovery source.

SanDisk Memory Card Recovery

4. In this last step, you can preview the data found in the SanDisk microSD card. Mark what needs to be recovered and then click the "Recover" button to save it to your computer.

Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card

These four simple steps can help you rescue data on SanDisk memory card. If you need to recover data from Android SD card, you can use another tool on RecoveryTool website.

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SanDisk Memory Card Recovery

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