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How to Recover Deleted Data from SDHC Card

Posted by Aimee , Nov 27, 2019

"I bought a new 16G SanDisk SDHC card. I put it in the Nikon Coolpix L330 Digital Camera. I went out for a trip last week. And I took a lot of photos. I also inserted the SDHC card into my Windows 10 laptop and browsed some pictures. When I got home, I took the SDHC card out of the camera card slot. When I plugged it back into the computer, all the photos in the SDHC card disappeared. Can I use some kind of tool to retrieve the picture? "
There are many reasons for SDHC card data loss. In case of data loss, you need an SD card data recovery software to get your data back. Good data recovery tools can quickly restore your data. Do not use SDHC card until data is recovered. The newly saved data may overwrite the lost data. This will permanently lose data. Therefore, please read this user guide and use this method to recover SDHC card data as soon as possible.

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RecoveryTool Data Recovery is the SDHC card recovery tool of choice for most people. It can help you preview and retrieve data from various hard disks and storage media.
1. Install RecoveryTool Data Recovery on the computer first, and then connect the SDHC card to the computer. Then follow the steps below to perform SDHC card data recovery on your computer.
2. After running the data recovery software, select the lost file types. SDHC card is used to store pictures, so select "Photo" as an example of data recovery. Click "Next" to go to the next step.


3. The software interface will list the locations where data can be recovered. Check "Exter removable device" and click "Start" to allow the software to scan your lost data.

Recover Deleted Data from SDHC Card

4. The data recovery tool will scan the lost files on your SDHC card. After the scan is over, the tool will show all the deleted data on the software interface. You can select the pictures you need to recover. And click "Recover" to save the image to your computer.

SDHC Card Recovery

Through the above simple steps, the photos on your SD card can be retrieved. Of course, you also use this software to recover data on the hard disk. It can do more than you think. Please download and explore.

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SDHC Card Recovery

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