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How to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive in Mac

Posted by Kate , Jul 22, 2016

As a convenient portable storage device, USB flash drive makes it possible for people to transfer data from one device to another without risks. For this reason, it is also called as a pen drive and key drive. However, as an electronic device, it also has the problem that a computer has. It may get corrupted, formatted or even files deleted occasionally. In this case, what should we do to recover files from USB? USB flash recovery will tell you the answer.
Data Recovery for Mac is the only flash disk recovery we need to recover data in a broken USB flash. Within several simple steps, we can easily find important data back and save them again.

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Guide: How to Restore Files from USB Flash Drive in Mac

Step 1. Make the Program Available

Download the software on your Mac first and install and run the program. Then, you need to choose the suitable location to start finding files. The "External removable device" is recommended.

Deleted File Recovery

Step 2. Scan for Lost Files

Connect your device to the Mac and soon the program will automatically detect your device. Click the "Start" button to begin scanning the lost files in your USB flash drive. 

Step 3. Preview and Recover Lost Files

After the scanning process, all the found files will be classified as original paths on the window. You are now able to check them one by one and selectively choose the one you need. Finally, just click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.

File Recovery

Do you know how to recover files from USB now, if yes, just have a try. And if no, just download the software and let the detailed guides help you. For more specific detection and recovery, you can also have a try on the "Raw Recovery".

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