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How to Recover Lost Files from XD Card

Posted by Aimee , Oct 21, 2019

"I accidentally formatted my XD card. I am trying to recover some images. I have tried Recuva, PhotoRec and Stellar Data Recover for Windows. But they can only retrieve some files. There are still many other images that can't be recovered. The loss of data has become a reality. Finally, I just want to ask if there are other ideas or insights?"
The picture on the XD card is missing. This case is very common. There are also several similar cases. For example,  photos were accidentally deleted, or the unknown error caused the image to be lost. Once this happens, how frustrating it is. But fortunately, if the XD card is not physically destroyed, then there are ways to recover your picture.

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What is XD memory card

The XD card is used in digital cameras produced by Olympus and Fujifilm. The capacity is only 16 MB to 2 GB. In the development of technology, it belongs to products that have been eliminated. Only a few digital cameras are still in use.

XD Card

How to Recover Lost Photos from XD Card

To restore the deleted data on the XD Card, you can use RecoveryTool Data Recovery. The specific steps are as follows:
1. Download and install the program.
2. Connect the XD Card to your computer via a card reader. Then click on "Photo".


3. In the software interface, select "Exter Removable Device".

Exter Removable Device

4. When the scan is completed, all deleted data will be listed. Select the data you want to retrieve. Then click on "Recover" to restore the lost picture.

XD Card Recovery

At this point, you will find how easy it is to undelete the missing files from the XD card.

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XD Card Recovery

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