RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

Fix iOS system problems of iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • A few simple steps make the iOS device back to normal without losing data.
  • Easily fix various iOS issues, such as black screen, stuck in recovery mode, stuck in Apple logo, etc.
  • Solve more than 50 common OS problems like an expert.
  • Safely restore the system of abnormal iOS devices.
  • Repair iDevice to normal and assist in upgrading or downgrading iOS.
  • Professional repair tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Three steps to effectively repair the iOS system

Fix iOS to Normal

When the iOS device is in an abnormal state, repairing the iOS system will be a feasible solution. There may be many solutions to repair the iOS system, but RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is definitely a time-saving method with a high success rate. It only takes three steps to repair the fault.
1. After running the program, select the "iOS System Recovery" function.
2. Confirm the device information of iDevice to download the appropriate firmware package.
3. Press the "Repair" button to fix iOS to normal.

Repair most iOS issues without technical experts


Supported devices
All models of iPhone and iPad, iPod Touch 6th generation, iPod Touch 5/4/3/2, iPod Touch
Support repaired failure scenarios
Stuck in Recovery Mode, Stuck in Apple Logo, Stuck in DFU Mode, Stuck on Loading Screen, Stuck in Headphone Mode, Stuck in Upgrade, Stuck in Spinning Circle, Frozen State, Boot Loop, Black Screen, White Screen of Death, Blue Screen of Death, Red Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death, Keep Restarting, Cannot Slide to Unlock/Power off, Disabled Screen, Unable to Turn on, Unable to Turn off, Unable to Charge, Restore Failure, Touch Screen Not Working, Battery Drained, etc.
Repair mode
Standard Mode can fix iOS devices without losing data.
Advanced Mode can fix iOS devices but will erase data.
Tip: Hardware failure cannot be repaired. 

Upgrade or downgrade iOS without professional skills

Fix iOS

Fix Recovery in RecoveryTool can upgrade or downgrade your iOS version while safely repairing your system problems. Download the firmware package during the intelligent repair process so as to upgrade or downgrade iOS at will. Of course, the iOS version you can download depends on whether your iPhone/iPad/iPad is applicable. It only takes a few clicks to update to the latest iOS version or roll back to an older iOS version.

Other powerful functions beyond expectations

iOS Recovery

This iOS system recovery software can fix iPhone, iPad, and iPod to normal status. In addition, its recovery function and backup function are also excellent.
iPhone Data Recovery
Recover data from iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/iCloud within minutes to help Apple users get rid of the predicament of losing data.
iOS Data Backup & Restore
Easy to use iOS device data backup and recovery tool.

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30 days Money Back Guarantee
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"No more black screen! No more stuck at Apple logo! No more booting loop! With Fix Recovery, I truly own my iPhone!" Jimmy Pitt

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery
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