RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery

Fix iOS System Problem for your iOS Devices

  • Recover from black screen crash down or blue screen of death caused by software flaws.
  • Refine various kinds errors on iOS platform.
  • Perfectly fix iPhone/iPad/iPod stuck on the Apple logo.
  • Simple way to solve iOS devices stuck in recovery mode.
  • Fix iOS to normal and recover files on device without losing any data.
  • Supported iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Fix iOS to Normal in Three Steps

Fix iOS to Normal

First of all, choose the "System Recovery" and connect your iOS device to computer. Secondly, download the latest version of the firmware on your computer as the guidance on the interface. The last thing you need to do is wait for a few minutes and the program will get your iOS device fixed from recovery mode or Apple logo looping.
If the "Normal regular mode" don't solve the problem, you can try "Advanced mode". But this mode will erase all the data off the device.
Note: This software can't fix hardware problem.

All iOS Versions are Available


The software is widely inclusive enough to support almost all models of iOS device. For example, both the latest one likes iPhone 8 Plus and the older one likes iPhone 4 are available.

Fix iOS in Different Issues

Fix iOS

White screen, Recovery Mode, Apple logo and Black screen are the different situations that appear when your iOS device performs abnormally. There is no doubt that the software can fix your iOS no matter what the issues is.

Recover Lost Data

iOS Recovery

By fixing the abnormal iOS devices, most of them can be back to work normally. In some cases, Fix Recovery can't fix all the errors of the OS. Then you can try the data recovery function to restore all your lost data from iTunes or iCloud.

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"No more black screen! No more stuck at Apple logo! No more booting loop! With Fix Recovery, I truly own my iPhone!" Jimmy Pitt

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery
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