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Facebook Notifications not Working

How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working on iOS

Posted by Aimee , Mar 24, 2021

"After the iPhone operating system is updated to iOS 9, Facebook notifications are invalid. Why do they not work? I don't know. The iPhone settings and Facebook app have enabled notifications. However, I still cannot receive any push notifications. Has anyone else encountered this problem? "
You receive a Facebook notification but there is no ringtone on your iOS device? Facebook notification push is delayed? iPhone can't load Facebook notifications? No Facebook notifications? These are common situations where Facebook notifications don't work. This article will discuss fixing Facebook notifications not working.

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Check Do Not Disturb

If Do Not Disturb is enabled on the iOS device, then this is the reason why Facebook notifications are invalid. You can do this:
1. Go to the "Settings" app and click "Do Not Disturb".
2. Switch "Do Not Disturb" to the off state.

Check Do Not Disturb

Enable Facebook Messenger Push Notifications in Settings

1. Open the "Settings" app to go to the "Notifications" menu.
2. Find and click "Facebook" in the list. Then click "Notifications".
3. Switch the "Allow Notifications" button to on. And enable other related settings in "Notifications".

Check the built-in notification settings of the Facebook app

1. Run the Facebook app, and then you need to click the menu button in the upper right corner of the app interface.
2. After clicking "Settings", drop down to find "Notifications".
3. In the next interface you need to find the "Push" item and enable it.
4. Return to the previous interface to check whether all Facebook items are allowed to be pushed.

Update or reinstall the Facebook App

If the Facebook notification still doesn't work, you can try to upgrade the Facebook app to the latest version.
App Store app > Updates > select the app that needs to be updated
Reinstalling Facebook Messenger can be a repair technique in extreme cases.
1. Long press the Facebook app icon on the iPhone, and then tap delete.
2. Open the App Store application. Then download the Facebook app again.

Other professional repair methods

If you try the above solutions, you still can't solve the problem. At this time, using powerful iOS system repair software is a good suggestion. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is one of the professional third-party repair tools. Not only can it repair various iOS system failures, but it can also be used for iOS data rescue.
1. You can download the program for free on RecoveryTool. Afterward, install it on your computer.
2. Before proceeding to the next step, connect the iDevice to the computer via a USB cable.
3. After running the repair program, click "More tools" to go to the interface for selecting functions.
4. Select "iOS System Recovery", and then tap the "Start" button. The iOS device will be asked to enter recovery mode or DFU mode.

More tools

5. After confirming the iOS device information, click the "Repair" button to download the necessary firmware. Once the repair work is completed, you can test whether the Facebook notification not working problem is fixed.


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Facebook Notifications not Working

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