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Facetime Not Working

My FaceTime Not Working on iPhone? How to fix it.

Posted by Aimee , Apr 01, 2019

Nowadays, FaceTime plays a great role in our daily life, with it, we can make free video or audio calls to anyone who owns iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can talk to each other for free over your WiFi internet connection. But as nothing is perfect in this world, FaceTime is giving us trouble or not working after an update to iOS 12. Wondering what causes it and how you can get FaceTime to work like it used to? If so, let's gather together to find the answer in this article.

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Part 1: Why My FaceTime not working on iPhone

1. FaceTime not working. This problem is caused by not having the latest update on your device. So check your version is the latest, if not, update them.
2. Updated FaceTime still not working. The most common cause of this problem is that FaceTime was never enabled on the device in the first time hence resulting in its inability to work. Just go to Setting > FaceTime and enable FaceTime app.
3. FaceTime call failed. Generally, the unavailability of FaceTime in your country, a weak internet connection, having disabled FaceTime on your device, having restricted camera or FaceTime in your iPhone accidentally may cause such issue.
4. iMessage waiting for activation. This is a common problem that results from incorrect setup time and date settings or an invalid cellular or WiFi connection.
5. FaceTime sign in error. This problem is caused by some very basic issues like an Apple ID that doesn't follow the standard format of an email address. Weak internet connection can also be a cause of the FaceTime sign in error.
6. Cannot connect to a person on FaceTime. The cause is accidentally adding them to your blocked list.
7. Not being able to receive iMessages on iPhone 6. Well, a faulty network setting always results in such problem.
8. FaceTime not working on iPhone 6. Once happens, you need to do a deep examination of the problem.
9. Ported carrier FaceTime issues. If such a case occurs, contact your carrier and inform them of the problem. In most of cases, changing the sim card can solve the problem very easily.
10. FaceTime doesn't work in my country. Some countries like Saudi Arabia don't have FaceTime for iPhone users.
11. Missing FaceTime app. As FaceTime is not available all around the world, so FaceTime app doesn't preinstall in all iOS device. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to this problem and all that users can do is check their device's origin of purchase to see if they'll be having the FaceTime app or not.

Part 2: How to fix FaceTime not working in iPhone without losing data

If you are seeking a fuss-free way to fix such a problem, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery can help. Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download, install and run the software on your PC. Then connect your device to your PC.
Step 2: Select iOS System Recovery from the main window, once the program detect your device, tap on Start.


Step 3: Now the software will ask you to download the latest iOS firmware, so what you need to do is hit Repair, then sit back and wait.


Facetime Don't Work

Step 4: Once the download is OK, the program will start to repair your iPhone. And within 10 minutes later, your device will be back to be normal.

Fix Facetime Not Working

Done! Now your FaceTime should work normally as it used to do. Just try!

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Facetime Not Working

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