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Fix a Stuck iOS Software Update

How to Fix a Stuck iOS Software Update

Posted by Aimee , Oct 26, 2020

"I have been trying to update the iOS of iPhone 11 these days. However, some unknown errors caused the software update of the iOS device to be stuck in 'Waiting'. I have made all the attempts. Once the iOS software is updated, it will be stuck. Please help me!"
iOS updates are smooth most of the time. You only need to spend some time to complete the upgrade. Even the iOS beta is very reliable. However, what you don't know is that some iOS devices may get stuck or crash during the software updates. What to do at this time? You will be able to find the solution to the problem by referring to this user guide.

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Before proceeding with the repair, you need to know why the iDevice is stuck during the iOS software update. It can generally be summarized as the following factors:
1. The iOS device is physically damaged.
2. Unstable Wi-Fi can make iOS update stuck or freeze.
3. Overheating of the iOS device will cause the iOS update to hang.
4. The data is damaged or the app crashes.
5. The internal storage space of the device is insufficient.
After confirming the cause of the failure, you can go to the corresponding solution.

Part 1: Some related solutions

1. Physically damaged iOS devices require professional knowledge to repair. For many people, bringing iOS devices to the Apple Repair Center would be a more reasonable choice.
2. Fix unstable or slow Wi-Fi connection.
- Place the wireless router away from metal objects, reinforced concrete walls, or other obstructing objects.
- Place the router near the center of the house. In addition, you need to adjust the angle of its antenna placement.
- Change the channel of the router. A better option is to change the 2.4GHz to 5GHz channel.
- Turn off wireless speakers, wireless mice, cordless phones, and other wireless devices to reduce interference to wireless routing.
- Temporarily disconnect some devices to increase the available bandwidth.
- Reset the wireless router to factory settings.

Slow Wi-Fi Connection

3. How to deal with the problem of overheating during iOS update?
- Take it to a cooler place.
- Stop using the charger to charge it.
- Take the iOS device out of other covers.
4. Use iTunes to repair the device.
When the iOS device is in an abnormal state, you can try to restore it using iTunes.
- Connect the iOS device to the computer and update iTunes to the latest version.
- After iTunes recognizes your device, you can click the "Summary" item on the left side of the iTunes main screen.


- Then tap "Restore iPhone" on the right side of the iTunes software interface.
- Click "Restore" in the pop-up window to confirm your request.
Note: This operation will cause data loss, so you need to back up iOS data in advance. By the way, the "iOS Data Backup & Restore" function in this mobile phone recovery tool can quickly and selectively back up files.
5. Free up more space on the iDevice to complete the iOS software upgrade.
- Go to "Settings" from the Home screen.
- Click "General", then tap "[device] Storage".
- In this interface, you will be able to evaluate the space of the device.
- To complete the iOS upgrade, you need to make sure that the iOS device has no less than 5GB of space. Therefore, you can properly clean up the storage space on your iOS device.

Part 2: A solution to fix the iOS update problem without losing data

The fastest way to fix an iOS device stuck on the update screen, update bar and other status is to use the iOS system recovery tool. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is one of the powerful recovery software. You can use it to repair system failures without losing device data.
1. Download and install the program on the personal computer.
2. Enable the software and select the "iOS System Recovery" function. Then connect the iOS device to the Windows PC or Mac.

iOS System Recovery

3. Click the "Start" button. iOS System Recovery can recognize your device status. Click "Confirm" to ensure that the device model and firmware information are correct.


Confirm Information

4. Tap "Repair" to fix iOS. After this process is over, the iOS device will restart and return to its normal state.


As long as the iOS device is not in hardware failure, the above methods have a chance to fix the stuck iOS software update problem.

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Fix a Stuck iOS Software Update

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