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Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing Issue on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Aug 25, 2020

"When I uploaded pictures, the Instagram app on the iPhone kept crashing. After hard rebooting the device, I installed the latest iPhone software. But the problem does not seem to be resolved. Is this a bug?"
Instagram is often abbreviated as IG or Insta, which is one of the most popular social networking platforms. People can share photos and videos on it. The selected users can view, comment, and share the uploaded content. These are similar to Facebook, Twitter, etc. All applications may stop working or crash unexpectedly. Recently, some users reported to us that Instagram kept crashing. To solve this annoying problem, you can learn how to rule out Instagram keep crashing in this article.

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1. Close unnecessary applications.

When the RAM of the iOS device is insufficient, some apps may crash or become abnormal. After closing most non-essential background applications, you can check whether the Instagram app can work normally.

2. Turn off and restart the iOS device.

If Instagram still does not work properly, restarting the iPhone may also fix the problem.
- Simultaneously press the power button and volume down button for a few seconds, and then slide to the right to turn off the iPhone.
- After the device is turned off, press the power button until the Apple logo appears.
- Run the Instagram app again, and then determine whether the app still causes the iPhone to get stuck in a crash.


3. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.

- Find and hold the Instagram icon on the home screen. Then you can select "Delete App" in the pop-up menu.
- Click the "Delete" item to go to the next step. In addition, this operation will cause the application's data to be deleted.
- Reinstall the Instagram app in the Apple App Store.

Reinstall the Instagram App

4. Update the Instagram app to the latest version.

- Launch the App Store, and then check if this app is available for update.
- Click the "Update" button to upgrade the app.

5. Log in to the web version of Instagram.

-Open Safari.
-Enter the Instagram website and log in to your Instagram account.

Web Version of Instagram

6. Professional tools are used to fix Instagram keeps closed.

If you are looking for a more efficient solution, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is undoubtedly a good choice. This iOS system recovery tool can repair various iOS system failures.
-Double-click the download button, and then install the software on your computer. Run the repair software and click "iOS System Recovery".

iOS System Recovery

-Connect iPhone to the computer. Then click the "Start" button.


-The software will detect your iPhone model and other information. Confirm the detected information, and then click the "Repair" button to download the firmware needed for repair.

Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing Issue

After the repair process is over, the issue of Instagram keeping crashing will be fixed. This procedure is also suitable for fixing iPhone activation error codes.

7. Try the Instagram account of a family member or friend.

In order to avoid a specific account from crashing the Instagram app. You can also replace other Instagram accounts to log in.

8. Get support from the official website.

If all the above methods have been tried and the problem has not been solved, then you may have encountered a rare problem. You can contact the official customer service to get technical support from the person who developed the application.
The article has summarized the methods to fix repeated crashes on iPhone. They can also be used to fix the iPhone application screen freezing problem.

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Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing

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