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Fix iPad Error 3014

Ways to Fix iPad Error 3014

Posted by Aimee , Mar 29, 2019

"How can I fix iPad error 3014? I planned to update my iPad, but only to get a pop-up message saying that I encounter iPad error 3014 and I can't restore my iPad? What should I do?"
Well, It's not usual to run into problems while restoring or updating iPad, and error 3014 is one of them. There could be quite a few reasons why you would encounter iTunes error 3014 on your iPad. To troubleshoot such problem, we should first get to know what error 3014 is and then try out multiple solutions we introduce in the following page. Ready to take the issue to a task? Here we go!

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Part 1: What is iPad error 3014

We have already sorted out some common causes of iPad error 3014. As we list below:
1. Virus or Malware infection on the PC where iTunes is installed.
2. Corrupted iTunes-related software in Windows registry.
3. Incomplete iTunes installation or corrupted version.
4. Another program may have accidentally overwritten and deleted iTunes files.
These possible causes will then interrupt your current activity and will prompt a runtime error. Even so, we still have full solutions to fix iPad error 3014. Take note that before this error occurs. There are signs and symptoms that will show, just check them out.
1. Windows latency and response slowly to external devices like mouse and keyboard.
2. Freezing periodically during any computer-related activities.
3. Error 3014 pops up.
4. Crashing the current program Window.
Once one of the above-mentioned signs appears, try to fix it to avoid further problems.

Part 2: How to restore iPad in Recovery mode without data loss

Today in this part, we highly recommend a simple option for you to restore iPad in recovery mode without iTunes, or rather, you need a professional tool, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, the best iPad recovery software. Now please follow the simple steps to make it.
Step 1: Download and run the software, then click on iOS System Recovery.


Step 2: Connect your iPad to your PC, when the program detects your device, tap on Start.


Step 3: Now you are asked to download the latest iOS firmware, just click on Repair, then the program will automatically do the task.

iPad Error 3014

Step 4: Once done, the software will repair your iPad in no time. And about a few minutes later, your iPad will be restarted in normal mode.

Fix iPad Error 3014

It's a common way to fix iTunes error 3014. Try it for yourself now!

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Fix iPad Error 3014

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