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Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working

How to Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working

Posted by Aimee , Apr 08, 2019

With stereo quality speakers, it's really nice to listen to music or make calls using iPhone. So what if your iPhone speakers don't work? Honestly speaking, this is a common complaint faced by most iPhone users recently. In this article, we will focus on such an issue and provide available solutions for you. If you are experiencing such problem and want to give it a shot, just read on!

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Part 1: How To Fix iPhone Speaker Problems

Solution 1: Make sure your iPhone isn't on silent. Haha, it happens all the time. Just turn up the volume and flip the silent switch to the Ring position.
Solution 2: Make sure the Volume is All the way Up. As we usually do, it's so easy to turn the volume all the way down accidentally on our iPhone or flip the silent switch if you're using a big, bulky case. Just unlock your iPhone and hold the volume up button until your iPhone is turned all the way up. If this doesn't work, open the Settings app and tap Sounds & Haptics. Make sure the switch next to Chance with Buttons is turned on. If you can only hear the very quiet sound, that means your speakers are damaged.
Solution 3: Make sure your iPhone isn't stuck on headphones mode. When headphones are connected to your iPhone, all sound plays through the headphones, not the speakers. If your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in but they're not, your iPhone tries to play sound through headphones that aren't there. This usually happens when a piece of debris or a small amount of liquid gets inside of the headphone jack and “fools” the iPhone into thinking headphones are plugged in.
Solution 4: Make sure sound isn't playing somewhere else (Yes, this can happen). Sometimes users don't realize their iPhone is playing sound through another device in their house or car. For example, you have an Apple TV that's hooked yo to your TV, When you come home, your iPhone reconnects to the Apple TV and continues streaming music through it — but the TV and the speakers are off. Another case, you use a Bluetooth headset in the car. In a word, to make sure your iPhone isn't playing music somewhere else, turn off bluetooth, disconnect from Airplay devices and try playing sound again.
Solution 5: Restore your iPhone. Firstly back up your device. After the restore completes, you'll know almost immediately whether the problem is solved. If you still can't hear any sound, that means your iPhone speaker is broken, you need to refer to solution 6.
Solution 6: Repair your iPhone speaker. If your iPhone speaker is broken, the good news is that Apple does replace iPhone speakers both at the Genius Bar and through their mail-in repair service at their support website.

Part 2: Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working with A Third-party Tool

Have you ever consider a simpler and faster way to fix iPhone speaker not working? In this part, we will show you a power tool, RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. Follow the steps below to get the details.
- Install and run the software, then connect your iPhone to the PC, then select Repair from the tool list.

- Tap on Start to start the repairing process.


- Now you'll be asked to download the firmware for your device. All you need to do is to click on Download.

iPhone Speaker Not Working

- As long as the download is OK, the program will fix your iPhone automatically. After a few minutes, the program will notify you that the iPhone speaker not working problem has been solved.


If these hacks could resolve your issue or if you have other hacks to resolve the issue, comment below.

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Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working

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